A virtual world that opened May 21, 2003. It is very popular. As of 2013, it has 600 million members. It is the 3rd most popular virtual world ever, only losing to Toontown and Club Penguin.


In 2001, HomestarSB9 was thinking "Hmm, those youngsters like computers, eh? Well I might a Nick Fanon virtual world to make the fanons rise again!". The very first beta was launched on December 25, 2001 under the name Fanonchat, it kept the name until May 30th, 2002. The next beta was launched on June 1st, 2002. The final beta lanched on March 23, 2003, two month before the final game was. Then the official game world started, exiting out of its original chat stage (still having it in-game and in Message Boards).


In June 2006, the NickFanon Catalog opened and users were able to customize there characters. The textures of hats and clothes are made by the creators.


Membership has been around since 2005, its allows users to create there own games (Since 2005) and sell up to 100 hats or clothes (Since 2009).



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