Fanomon is a television series that follow the adventure of Invader Rob as he meets friends and meets enemies and battle with a square that unleashes a Fanomon. It premiered April 27, 2013, in the United States. It was originally supposed to start running in Japan March 5, 2013, on TV Tokyo, but was delayed to August 6, 2013, for personal channel business.


Heros: Team Fano

  • Invader Rob: インベーダーロブ: The main character and master of Fanomon.
  • MattBoo: マットブー: Rob's best friend in the series.
  • Bagel: ベーグル: Rob's friend who is a personality check up. *I think...*
  • Chrome: クロム: The meanest of the crew. He doesn't deserve to be a main.
  • Wario: ワリオ: The self-proclaimed awesome guy.

Villains: Team Furnquo

  • LT Fan: TBC
  • Dora: TBC
  • KM: KM got arrested.
  • Unpaid Employees: They are the minions who get no money for their job....poor fellows.


List of Fanomon episodes


  • TBA

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