In 2012, a boy named Connor was doing normal stuff, when....TB


NOTE: I will edit this every Friday for chapters. No one edits but me, unless you think something about your character is wrong. There will be about 30, 40, or maybe even 50 Chapters.

The Story

Chapter 1: Rise and Fall

I looked at the clock. 3:34. I was soo bored! Standing here in class for 6 hours just isn't the "fun" and "spirited" thing I need. Just one more minute! I held my breath. When will this end? The bell rang. Cheers send out like it was raining fire. Me and my friend, Andrew walked home. We lived next to each other. "So, got any plans for the summer?" Andrew asked. "Not really, maybe go on the computer sometimes and hang out with IAmBagel." I replied. "Come on, Rob! Let's do something fun with our lives, insted of spending it on a stupid computer with stupid people you don't even know!" He scrolled me. "I tolded you, IAmBagel, Homestar, or the others are not stupid." I skipped a pebble. "Then how do you explain MattBoo getting blocked yesturday?" He laughed. I igored him and stepped into my front yard. I waved goodbye to Andrew and ran into my house, I got gretted by my parents. As I ran into my room, I jumped on my water bed and got out my laptop. I tiped in "Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki", then being clicked on the first tag, I made my way to Bagel. But, before I could say "Hi!" to anyone on the web, I heard something coming from my closet. "Sis, I know it's you, get out my room!" Silence was the reply. I tucked my labtop down. "Untill Sis comes out and stop trying to be annoying, I'm going to watch some SpongeBob." I turned on the TV, only to get an surprise. It wasn't coming on. I look at the plug. It was unplug, and by it stood a mango. "Hmm, well, I could use it as my lunch for tommorow." I picked it up, only to get a shocking surprise. "AHH!!! HE'S GOT ME!, HE'S GOT ME!!! GUYS HELP!!!" I think it said. "AHHHHH!!!!" I through the mango on the ground and rushed out my room to tell Mom and Dad.

Question time!: 1. Who is Rob? 2. Why did he mango talk? 3. Why am I asking you stupid questions?

Stay tunned on Friday to fing out these ovbious questions.


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