This the original version of The Fairly OddParents. It ran from October 4, 1968 to May 12, 1970.


Timmy: A ten year old boy who has god parents. Voiced by Janet Waldo.

Cosmo: A dumb fairy who has green hair. Voiced by Daws Butler.

Wanda: A smart fairy with pink hair. Voiced by June Foray.

Mom and Dad: Timmy's parents. Voiced by Jean Vander Pyl and Howard Morris.

Vicky: A babysiter who wants to hurt Timmy. Voiced by Gerry Johnson.


A-Z order

  • A Fairly Odd Christmas (1969)
  • American Fairys! (1968)
  • Bankrupt! (1968)
  • Creepy Creeps! (1970)

a fairly odd school (1969)

irresistable! (1969)

Faces! (1970)


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