FF: Highest Evil 4 is the last game in the series of FF: Highest Evil video games. This game is for the Play Station 4 and XBox One.


Ace Wonder, a legendary knight, is thought to be the first victim of Ishkanawn. However, you must collect evidence to prove this to win a million dollar reward.


At the end, Ace Wonder is revealed to be Ishkanawn's father, who later kills Ishkanawn and makes him fuse with his own body, making him half human, half robot. Then, Ace Wonder is battled, and defeated, as he steps into a volcano and burns, making his mask melt off as a face is revealed.


Positive reviews say that TheChromePerson finally added his own music into the game instead of copying other music from other games. TheChromePerson uses a keyboard to play the music, with the final boss battle music being "the greatest music of all time to ever exist".

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