FF: Highest Evil 2 is an upcoming video game scheduled for release April 10, 2013.


John is in a dream, with text saying "Do you remember..." John replies "No, I don't remember anything." The text then replies "You remember your secret, don't you John?" John then replies "Yes... I very do know..."

Thunder then strikes, and screams are heard. A shadowy figure then stands in front of John. Two other figures come along. The first shadowy figure is revealed to be Ishkanawn, and the others are his rivals, Mimic the Impressionist and Tricky the Clown.

John then wakes up, sucking his thumb and wetting his bed like the previous game. A knock at the door is heard, but John ignores it. John then gets a phone call and answers it, saying to "open the freakin' door, it's Chrome.".

John opens the door, revealing it to be Chrome. Chrome then comes in and says he wanted to drop off a gift he forgot to deliver after the defeat of Ishkanawn a year ago. John accepts it, opens it, and reveals it to be a sulfuric acid launcher. John smiles at the gift, and lays the launcher down on the floor. John then frowns in surprise, and remembers something from his secret. John then kicks Chrome out of his apartment door. Chrome then walks away.

John then hears a crash coming from his air vent. Chrome then bolts right into the room, smashing the door down. Ishkanawn then climbs out of the air vent. Ishkanawn reveals his new plot and was about to reveal John's secret, right before Ishkanawn is kicked in the crotch. Ishkanawn then teleports away. Chrome tells John that Ishkanawn has obviously returned.

John rushes out of the front door to enter Pac-Man's Pizza Place. The screen cuts to black as John is eating a pizza pie. Pac-Man 64's airplane was revealed to be sold for scrap parts. At the Pizza Place, Chrome and John find Bagel, Rob and MattBoo eating pizza. Ishkanawn then appears, with a bandage on his crotch. John then kicks Ishkanawn in the crotch again. Ishkanawn says he only wants to tell them something. The characters listen in, as Ishkanawn leans in closer to their faces, and then tells them they won't survive his next plan.


  • John's secret was never revealed in this game. The creator, Chromebolt, announced his secret to be revealed in the FOURTH game.
  • The sulfuric acid launcher was Chrome's acid launcher he used in The Book of John to evaporate food in the episode "Greasy Money".
  • Whenever the game gets scary in anyway shape or form it must be followed by a farting sound.

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