Evil Weirdo is the first episode of Random Evil.


(Lord Odd): Finally....I will take revenge! Revenge for taking my honey without asking!

(Jason): Uh...Lord? Don't you have a better reason for that?

(Lord Odd): No, the Plutonians are too nice. Okay, repair worker, fire up the cannon.

(Jason): Uh...sure. (fires the cannon at Lord Odd)

(Lord Odd): Ow, ow, ow! You're fired!

(Jason): I have one last request, sir.

(Lord): WHAT?

(Jason): Was the "fire" pun intended?


(Lord Odd): Now...I will dosinto- disinto- tisintegr- DESTROY Pluto, to uh...let Uranus uh...smoothly orbit around Neptune!


(Plutonian): Sir, we got a message.

(Plutonian King, at a beach swimming): Huh? Uh...okay, what does it say?

(Plutonian): Uh...

Dear Pluto,

I wish to inform you that Lord Odd plans to destroy your dwarf planet with a laser cannon.

Signed, Jason Nerd

(Plutonian King): Okay, hack their ship and remove their cannon!

(Plutonian): Yes sir! (goes to a computer and hacks the ship) Done.

(Plutonian King): That was fast. Wait, don't hack first, just send our troops there to do something dramatic.

(Plutonian): Make up your MIND!

(Plutonian King): I already have a mind, you smelly alien!

(Plutonian): That're also a smelly alien!

(Plutonian King): But you're smellier!

(Plutonian): Shut up!

They start fighting

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