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Erin Silesius
Race Caucasian
Birth date February 14, 2001
Birth place Elysium
Age 14 (2015)
24 (2024)
Gender Female
Affiliation Syndicate
Love interest(s) Mage
Friends Violet
Members of Syndicate
Enemies Sapient
Residence Elysium
Alignment Good
Marital status Married (2027)
Debut Syndicate
Created by KingOfSpriters12
Signature appearance Syndicate

Erin is one of the main characters of Syndicate. Before joining the team in season two, Erin was a freelance vigilante who focused on the politics of Elysium, attempting to unravel the conspiracy that got her friend killed. She was created by KingOfSpriters12 and made her debut during the second season of Syndicate.



Powers and abilities


Erin is a fair-skinned girl of average height with onyx eyes and long eyelashes. Her most noticeable trait is her long black hair, which has bangs and a ponytail with pink highlights, gathered and secured by a purplish pink scrunchie. She wears a striped, short-sleeved hoodie in black and red with a pair of blue jeans and red sneakers. She wears a Dani in Chains tank top underneath her hoodie.

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