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"Welcome to Eric City, the best show on television that makes fun."
— The show's tagline

Eric City 
Eric City Logo 
The show's logo. 
Genre: Comedy, Slapstick, Satire, Horror 
Creator: Robuscus2013 
Writer: IAmBagel

MattBoo (co-writer) 

Director: TjsWorld2011

Ntpockets (co-director) 

Developer: MattBoo, Invader Rob, TjsWorld2011, Eggy Soulster, Geo G., Ntpockets, DerpyPanda24 
Voices: Jerry Trainor

Neil Patrick Harris

Jeremy Shada

Karen Gillan

Seth MacFarlane

Selena Gomez

Magnus Scheving

Tom Kenny

Lucas Cruikshank


and others 

Narrator: TjsWorld2011 
Theme composer: TjsWorld2011 
Opening theme: "Welcome to Eric City"

by TjsWorld2011 

End theme: "Good Night from Eric City"

by TjsWorld2011 

Number of seasons: 26 
Number of episodes: 264 
Executive producer: Robuscus2013 
Producer: TjsWorld2011 
Asst. producer: IAmBagel 
Production Company: Robuscus Animation Studios

TjsWorld2011 Pictures

Geo LTD.

Eggy Studios

Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment 

Editor: Invader Rob 
Runtime: Unknown, maybe 200 minutes or 68 hours 
Original Channel: NickTV 
Picture format: 1080i(HD) 
First aired: August 20, 2014 
Offical website:
Eric City is a television show created by Robuscus2013 for NickTV. It was set for release at August 20, 2014.


The series takes place in the fantastic city of 123 Eric City, and focuses on Eric Guy and My Guy.


Robuscus2013 made a poster for Eric City. Danny Guy was originally planned to be Eric Guy's best friend, but it was changed to My Guy. Then he added more characters, like Eric Jr., Eric Girl, Mr. Eric, Mrs. Eric, Troy Beanson, and more.


Main article: Eric City/Commercials


Jerry Trainor as Eric Guy

Neil Patrick Harris as My Guy

Jeremy Shada as Eric Jr.

Karen Gillan as Eric Girl

Seth MacFarlane as Mr. Eric

Selena Gomez as Mrs. Eric

Magnus Scheving as Troy Beanson

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