Episodes from Down the Streets.

Season 1 (2012)

The first season of concists out of 20 episodes, the last two episodes are one episode apart.

# Title Airdate Overview Code
Pilot The Runaway 24 May 2012

Dimi has ran from home and now seeks for a new home, he tries several places but it just isn't right until he finds the sewer and meets his new best friend Rico the Rat and move in with Eric Green.

Debuts: Dimi Downer, Rico the Rat, Eric Green Pigeon

1 The Woman in Rags/ The Big Cheese 31 May 2012

Dimi decides to make a girl along with Rico and Eric. They create her form cloth's, a button, a wooden stick and a mop. And awake her with the chemicals. The four of them then live together.

Debuts: Kelly the Doll

Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly finds the big cheese in Cheeseville in the magic sewers.

2 Obay the Law/ Above the Streets 7 June 2012

Irene discovers that there are chemicals in the sewers and creates a plan to destroy the sewers, but when she goes there she encounteres Dimi and couldn't destroy the sewers because of him. Meanwhile Stan and Rick were building a house but keep failing in several things.

Debuts: Stan Brick, Rick Stone, Irene Law

Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly go out of the sewers and discover that there is a carnival held by the Mayor. Stan and Rick see that the three are at the carnival and are ordered by Irene to catch them. They chase them through many attractions until every attraction is destroyed.

Debuts: Mayor Right, Carnival Owner

3 NO against everything/ Rodeo Ride 14 June 2012

Dimi went above and saw a demonstration against cutting trees and things like that. He asked Mandy if he could help, so he chained himself on a tree. He fell into sleep and woke up at night when everyone was gone. He eventually was freed by Stan and Rick.

Debuts: Mandy Vortex

Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly went above and saw a Rodeo Ride. They joined the race that was being held. They had to cross town to finish and the first price was $10. Stan, Rick and Bob also joined the race.

Debuts: Bob Constructor, Lady the Horse

4 Flush/ Royal Flush 21 June 2012

Dimi encounters his old goldfish who he flushed down the toilet since he was dead. But Goldie fell into the chemicals and mutated. Now he tries to take revenge on Dimi. Meanwhile Stan and Rick had to fix a problem in the sewers.

Debuts: Goldie

Dimi and Rico go to the casino while Kelly goes shopping along with Eric. Dimi enters the poker table and keeps winning while Rico goes to the machines. Dimi keeps winning and winning until he loses everything, while Rico wins a new car. Kelly meanwhile drags Eric through several shops. Stan and Rick tried Stand Up Comedy but failed.

Debuts: Casino Owner

5 Game Con/ Save the Animals! 28 June 2012

Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly decided to go to a Game Con. There they were consumed by a game because of Irene. Dimi was sucked into Super Marco, Rico into Final Imagination, Eric into Cap-Man, Kelly into Boomer the Squirrel and Stan and Rick into Gigadude.

Debuts: Marco, Chaoz, Cap-Man, Boomer the Squirrel, Gigadude

Dimi encounters Mandy again when they went to the Zoo. She asked to help and free the animals. Eric was trapped in the monkey cage and became one of them. Meanwhile Bob was ordered to kill Dimi. When they freed the animals Bob was chased away by a Ostrich.

6 Swim Paradise/ Under Arrest 5 July 2012

The Mayor opened a new swimming pool and Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly decided to go there. Goldie also went to the pool and chased Dimi while Rico and Kelly were constantly on the slides. Stan and Rick had to fix the park's fountain but again fail.

Irene tried to find a way to arrest Dimi instead. She followed him constantly but couldn't arrest him, she ignores Stan and Rick who were a day off and were ignoring the laws.

7 The Necklace/ New Love 12 July 2012

Rico has bought new stuff for their house including a Television and Cellphone. They watch a tape that they've found in the sewer containing strange images. Then they were called that they die in 7 days. They try to find a way to stop it and find a necklace that appeared in the video and gave it to the girl of the well.

Debuts: Samantha Monrou

Note: This episode is a parody of The Ring.

Rico said that he's going to visit his younger brother along with Eric leaving Dimi and Kelly alone. They don't know what to do, and decided to visit places from previous episodes and Dimi falls in love with her, to her dislike. Stan and Rick had an encounter with Bob who turned out to be their brother and had a fight.

Debuts: Rico's brother (mentioned)

8 Cafe Remy/ Chemical Falls 19 July 2012

Rico and Eric went to the brother of Rico, Remy, who owned his own cafe. The cafe was opened and Irene and Bob walked in. During this whole time Rico and Eric were fighting them while Remy didn't noticed it. Afterwards they returned all home.

Rico, Eric and Kelly are very angry at Dimi because he lost the remote. Dimi goes for a search to the remote and found it located somewhere in the Chemical Falls. He eventually get it ad brings it back. Stan and Rick lost their equipment and go on a search for it.

9 Stan's missing/ Trashbot 26 July 2012

One day Stan was suddenly missing and Rick is desperate, he seeks help by Dimi to help him find Stan. It eventually turns out that he was sleeping in his bed.

Irene built a robot but it turned out to be retarded, since it jumped out the window on the streets. He encountered Stan and Rick who tried to catch him but ended up being trapped in a hole. Trashbot then jumped into the sewer and irritated Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly until they throwed them into the Chemical Falls.

Debuts: Trashbot

10 Kissy Kissy/ Mayor Day 2 August 2012

Dimi really is in love with Kelly so decides to make another attempt to gain her love. He went above to get a ring for her, but Irene sees him and sends Bob to kill him. Bob encounters Dimi and fights him but Dimi wins, but Bob says he comes back. Stan and Rick meanwhile fall both in love with a random woman and try to gain her love but fail.

Debuts: Sexy Lady

It is Mayor Day in Hinkletown. Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly decided to go to the preformance at the City Hall. They go together with Stan, Rick and Mandy to the concert of The Jaroblopno. Irene, Bob and Goldie also were there trying to get them but ended every time up in accidents.

Debuts: The Jaroblopno

11 Sweet Dreams/ The Little Goldfish 9 August 2012

It was deep in the night and everyone was sleeping. Dimi was dreaming when suddenly dream Dimi found a way out of the dream and went into the dreams of: Rico, Eric, Kelly, Irene, Stan, Rick, Mandy, Bob and Goldie. Eventually he wakes up from Kelly's dream.

Goldie was in the sewer swimming until he was surrounded by the Croco gang with their leader Scythe. They challange him for a swim competition through the sewer. Goldie wins and get the Crocodile Teeth of Croco. (This is the first episode Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly don't appear)

Debuts: Scythe, Knife, Katana, Spear and Hammer

12 The Chemical Waste Dump (part 1)/ The Chemical Waste Dump (part 1) 16 August 2012 Dimi was always warned by Rico to not go to the Chemical Falls, one day he decides to go to there and falls into it. He was followed by the Pigeon. Dimi then gained chemical powers while the Pigeon mutated to a monster and terrorized the whole town. Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly went to stop it until Irene came and claimed Pigeon as hers.

Irene and Pigeon went to destroy the sewers. While Dimi devended the sewers Rico and Kelly called for help from characters they've met. Eric meanwhile was setting up a fall for the Pigeon. Together they battled the Pigeon, but couldn't win. Dimi then picked up a random cat and threw it in the Chemical Waste and created a giant cat monster that battled the Pigeon and won when they fell into the fall of Eric.

Debuts: Mutaded Cat

13 Garbage Wash/ The Ratting 23 August 2012

Trashbot invented the garbage wash that cleans off the rotting and dirtiness, Dimi and the gang must stop Trashbot from washing all the garbage in the sewers.

Rico invited his friends and heroes to his house for a metting. Later, something is going wrong because of Sewer 2B mutants taken Dimi, Eric and Kelly and Rico must rescue them.


Season 2: (2012-2013)

All the episodes are conformed but not all announched. The show will be airing on schooldays instead of only Wednesday.

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Family Reunion/ The Golden Brush 1 October 2012

Kelly suggests that they invite some family members. Dimi hates his parents thus only invites his sister Kaithlyn. Eric doesn't know his parents so invites his sister Rachel and Rico his brother Remy. But when a huge fight came Kelly had to solve it. Stan and Rick had the same with Bob and Irene had to solve it.

Debut: Kaithlyn Downer, Rachel Green

Dimi reads a pamflet about a race in Sewer 2B. He, Rico, Eric and Kelly decide to to enter the game. But also Goldie and the Croc gang enter. Goldie decides to team up with the others to defeat the Crocs and they succeed. Stan and Rick dell into Sewer 2B and try to find a way to escape.

2 Croc Gang Goes Up/ Ancient City 2 October 2012

The Croc gang decides to explore what's happening above the streets and accidently terrorized the city, but did liked it. So Dimi and the rest go and fight the Croc Gang. Stan and Rick were being chased by Hammer and Knife the whole time, until Dimi saved them.

Dimi, Eric, Rico and Kelly decide to go to Rome for a vacation. Irene followed them along with Bob. Dimi discovers that Bob is brining chemical waste into Rome which leaks and brings the Ancient Ruins in danger. Rico and Eric evacuate the people while Kelly helps Dimi to get rid of the waste and fight Bob and Irene. Stan and Rick were reconstructing some buildings in Rome when they got consumed by the waste but managed to get out of it.

3 Second Opinion/ Trashbot Returns

{C 3 October 2012

Dimi goes up and meets Mandy again at a protest against a new law of the Mayor. Dimi decides to join her, during this time they develop a relationship and soon were dating. Kelly was jalous about this and tried to stop it until Eric said she had her chance. Stan and Rick were ordered to keep the hippies quiet but got into a fight every time.

Trashbot found his way out of the Chemical Falls and got back to Dimi and his friends an annoyed them. They then decided to look for a friend of Trashbot. Stan and Rick refused and led them to Bob and Irene who also refused. Finally they found a friend for him called LT Fan who was uses him as his retarded minion.

Debut: LT Fan

4 Vortex Loves You/ Other Pets 4 October 2012

Mandy and Dimi went out for a date at Cafe Remy. Meanwhile Kelly, Eric and Rico decided to spy on them, but so was Irene. Irene descovered Mandy was Dimi's most important thing right now. Kelly, Eric and Rico saw Irene and battled her until she gave up and returned back. The three quickly had to head back because Dimi and Mandy were finished with their dinner. Stan and Rick were at a Donut Shop when suddenly chemical waste dropped and infected their donuts and they had to kill the donuts.

Debut: Evil Donuts

It was a normal day until Goldie came, they prepared for battle when Goldie remembered Dimi of his other pets. Dimi remembered them and Goldie called the three other mutant pets. They all went into battle but Dimi and the rest won the fight and only Goldie had survived who then headed back.

Debut: Snowy the Hamster, Bruno the Dog, Snuffle the Rabit

5 New Friend/ Fate of Love 5 October 2012

Dimi went along with Eric above the street to the Carnival. There they went into the Ghost House and met Kirby & A Squid. They became friends with each other, and they wanted to join the group when suddenly The Squid Sux came to stop him from leaving the Ghost House. They battled The Squid Sux and he let them go but said that something bad will happen soon.

Debut: Kirby, The Squid, The Squid Sux, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

Dimi, Rico, Eric, Kelly, Mandy, Kirby and The Squid were having a picnick together. Stan and Rick also joined them. Suddenly Irene, Bob, Goldie, The Squid Sux and LT Fan (along with Trashbot) appeared to fight and kill them. There was a huge fight and the powers were even. Suddenly Bob was facing Mandy who stabbed her and killed her, to the horror of her friends. Then Dimi unleashed a immense power to the villains that blasted them all away, and they retreat. The friends barried Mandy and left back for the sewers.


The Junkman/ MacWeenie

8 October 2012

The Squid wanted to know how the sewers were like and Eric and Rico wanted to give him a tour since they lived there their whole lives. Kelly and Dimi decided to go get some food. Meanwhile the Junkman was cleaning up the Junkyard and found a little house that led to the sewers, there he found Dimi's home. He was followed by Stan and Rick who found him and knew it was Dimi's home so ordered him to get out. The Junkman refused thus Stan and Rick battled him and won, when the rest came home they told the story and left.

Debut: The Junkman

Kelly wasn't in the mood to cook dinner today, so The Squid requested to order at MacWeeinie's. Soon Heidi came to deliver it, a few days later they decided to order again but this time Olga came who was very sad. She told that she never got tips from anyone because her look and Heidi does. Dimi and the rest go and fix this problem. When it was solved Heidi and Olga became friends again and continued with their job.

Debut: Heidi, Olga

7 Winter Fun/ Puppet and the Beast 9 October 2012

It is winter and the Hinkle Mountain was covered with snow, so they decided to go skiing. But eric wanted to snowboard so The Squid joined Eric and the others Dimi. Stan and Rick were also there and went bobsleding. LT Fan came and used Trashbot who screamed very hard to cause a lawine. Everyone got covered under the snow with each other. After some talking with each other they were freed by Mayor Right.

Kelly still was in love with Dimi but didn't if she should tell him that since Mandy just died. Eric told her that the sewers sometimes have things to tell you, so Kelly explored the sewers. She discovered a quit place and met the spirit of Mandy there who told her it was alright. Kelly went back to Dimi and they soon were dating.

Note: The episode's name is a parody of Beauty and the Beast.

8 Rick n' Roll/ Splitting Up 10 October 2012

Stan and Rick just finished setting up the podium and decided to enjoy the concert. There was a touring rock concert in town and the gang decides to visit it. There they meet two girls Lily and Lola who were going to preform. After they were done some guy named Rick Ashley preformed. But it was a trick since Rick's last name was Law and was the brother of Irene. He got the gang up stage and captured them. Lily and Lola tried to save them when saved them, but got KO'd. The gang battled Rick and defeated him when Rick got blown up. They thanked Lily and Lola and enjoyed the concert.

Debut: Rick Ashley, Lily, Lola

Note: Rick Ashley is a parody of Rick Astley the name is also a term on Youtube that you get ricked into watching Never Gonna Give You Up.

The gang went above and everyone decided to split up in 2 groups to do something. Dimi and Kelly decided to go swimming while Rico, Eric and The Squid went to the Arcade. At the swimming pool Dimi and Kelly encountered Goldie again and battled him throughout the episode in the pool. Meanwhile the other three encountered Bob who chased them throughout several games in the Arcade. Stan and Rick encountered the Junkman who chased them throughout a construction terrain. Eventually they all meet up at the fountain and Goldie, Bob and Junkman bashed into each other and were KO'd.


The Scouts/ Sux to be you

11 October 2012

Dimi said that the scouts were in town today and asked Eric to come along with him, to Eric's dismay. They join the scouts but who also had joined was LT Fan. They compete him during assigments of the Scout Herman. At the end Dimi and LT Fan have both 9 points, during the last challenge Dimi wins and gets all the badges of LT Fan who get mad and flies. Stan and Rick appearantly are the judges along with Herman in the episode.

Debut: Scout Head Herman

The gang wakes up and notice that the air is very dark and that is is very misty. They went out to explore and discover Pink The Squid's. They discover that The Squid Sux was behind this and everyone above was hypnosized by Sux. The gang eventually only excist out of Dimi and The Squid since the rest got hypnosized by people of the town. The two fight Sux and manage to turn everythig back to normal.

10 Irene's Wrath/ Don't LT Me 12 October 2012

Irene decides to make another robot but now more advanced. She creates one called Cyberbot. She goes with him to the Junkyard and enters the sewers. When inside she quickly lost her ways and spends day and days in it. Meanwhile the gang are surprised that nothing is going on in town and have a relax day. Days pass and Irene is still lost, eventually Cyberbot runs out of powers and falls into the water and got dragged away by it. Eventually Irene was freed by Stan and Rick.

Debut: Cyberbot

The gang all go to the theater to see Dogs while Rico stays home because he doesn't like that. Rico walks around above and encounters LT Fan in Cafe Remy. He and LT Fan start to fight each other, but when LT Fan kills Remy Rico becomes mad and kills LT Fan with his water powers. It turned out that Remy was just wounded and brought him to the vet, and meets up with the rest again. Stan and Rick were on the construction area again to finish the building but when done the whole thing collapses again.

11 Aaahh!!! Real Aliens/ Bad Boy 15 October 2012

The gang figure out that there were aliens spotted outside of the town. They head out and find Area 15:1. They break inside but it seemed that it was lunchtime so they could enter the labs. There they discover different Aliens. They free one who was called Xavier. They help him escape but lunchtime was over and they had to escape while battling the agents. Finally they escape. Xavier thanks them and heads home with his U.F.O.

Debut: Xavier, Area 15:1 Agents

Note: The title is a parody from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Area 15:1 is a parody from Area 51.

Dimi and Kelly went to the mall. Dimi had to go to the toilet so Kelly went sitting alone. She was soon enountered by a guy named Axel who is a real bad boy and likes Kelly. When Dimi came back Kelly left with Axel. Kelly later discovered that Axel was having a contest with his friend to date her and then dump her. Dimi went to cheer up Kelly, but she said that it is beter to be friends, and they left for home.

Debut: Axel


You're to Slow/ Sweet Melody's

16 October 2012

Dimi and the gang went above and see that a sport tournament is on and enter it. They formed a team against Stan, Rick and others. Eventually they had to do a relay race and had to finish firt. It was between Eric and Rick and Eric won.

Dimi was already recovered from the break up between him and Kelly. Dimi went above and bumped into Kiki Hikati and it was love at first sight. He introduces her to his friends and everyone likes her except Kelly. Kiki says to Dimi to come by any time.

Debut: Kiki Hakita

13 The Hinkle Triangle (part 1)/ The Hinkle Triangle (part 2) 17 October 2012

The whole gang (including Stan, Rick, Kiki and the Mayor) go on a cruise. But didn't knew that Irene, Bob, Goldie, The Squid Sux and Junkman also are on board. Dimi draws a sketch of Kiki and she keeps it, while Kelly on the deck throws her gifts from Dimi away. Suddenly the ship crashes by a weird force and the ship sinks. They all try to escape but all end up sinking.

They were trapped inside of the shipbut still could breath although most parts of the ship were underwater. They all are in several groups and team up to get out. They reach find an island and there make a fleet to escape. They return back to Hinkletown and go on with their normal lives.

Note: The title is a parody from The Bermuda Triangle, and the episode is a parody from the Titanic. This is also the second two part episode.

14 Hinkletown Radio/ Back into Games 18 October 2012

The Mayor annouches that there are auditions for a place at Hinkletown Radio's. They all suggest that The Squid should go there because of his good voice. He has succes and is asked to make a new single, that really sucks and the villagers protest to get him from the radio and so he does.

The guys decide to go to the Arcade where they encounter Irene who sends them inside the SES. And they agree and all go through games like: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Halo, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Bomberman and Ninja Gaiden.

15 Gold Miners/ Mutant Town 19 October 2012

The gang discover a Gold Mine inside of the sewers for some reason and enter it. They dig for the gold, when someone found another room they saw Goldie sleeping there and discovered it was his home. Goldie wake up and got very angry and attacked them. The found explosives and used it to escape.

Dimi went for a walk but sliped and fell into the water and got dragged away to the Chemical Falls and got mutated. He then went to the sewers and bit Rico who also became a mutant. Then the two bit more people turning them into mutants. Eventually only Irene was left who then found a way to stop them. she goes to the dam and turns it open and all the water went over the town and un-mutated all the people in town. Then everyone thanked her and returned to their normal lives.

Season 3 (2013)

A third season has been announched!

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Love Square/ Chemical Source TBA

Dimi now has a giant problem because Mandy is back to live he has feelings for her again, but he's dating Kiki and he also still likes Kelly a bit. He now has to decide who he will choose. The three girls eventually begin to fight and Kelly wins. Dimi then dates Kelly again while Mandy and Kiki head back home.

After another attempt from Irene to destroy them the gang try to figure out why there is so much chemical waste in the sewers. They travel just outside town and see a giant Nuclear Plant. They make a plan to destory the Nuclear Plant and split up in teams of two. But they all get caught by the Mayor who says that this Nuclear Plant is the source for energy for the whole world. The gang then decide to leave it alone, and say that the chemicals always brought them fun adventures. Stan and Rick meanwhile were lost but eventually found their way out.


Moon Wars/ Darkblack and the 7 Twerps


Dimi goes onto an adventure through space to save Kelly from the evil Dark Father. He goes through the same plots as in Star Wars and eventually finds out that Dark Father also is his dad!

Irene had sent Bob to find Darkblack and take her heart but he couldn't do it and returned. Darkblack went to the sewers where 7 little Twerps lived and moved in there, but Irene transformed into a old witch and poisoned Darkblack with a poisoned banana. The 7 twerps went to kill her. After that Dimi showed up and saw that Darkblack was his mother and kissed her and she woke up.

Debut: Dopey

3 Dr. Octagonapus/ Plan of DOOOOOM! TBA

Irene was sick of the behavior of Bob so she hired a bounty hunter Dr. Octagonapus, he and Bob headed to Dimi to kill him. After a giant fight the gang won. Meanwhile Stan and Rick were busy with building a house in town but couldn't get further than one wall.

Debut: Dr. Octagonapus

Irene had gathered all the villains in the town (Bob, Goldie, Junkman, The Squid Sux and Dr. Octagonapus) and made a plan that they will invade the sewers from another side and suprise attack the gang. During the search they had revealing conversations. When they found their house they saw nobody was home, but decided to also go back.

4 The Little Goldfish/ Equipment Thiefs TBA

Goldie was swimming in the sewers thinking about his past when he was still a little cute goldfish, and when everyone still loved him. He would give up anything to be one day like that again. The Croc Gang use a magic spell that turned him back but he loses his mutant powers. Goldie is then in the lake of the park where Dimi finds him and keeps him. Goldie swimed away for Dimi but encountered Stan and Rick who accidenly threw him in the chemical waste which turned him back to a mutant.

Stan and Rick were building a flat but suddenly their equipment get stolen by a thief, they go through the flat searching for it but couldn't find it. Eventually they went through the city to ask everybody but no one had it. They then sit by a tree when suddenly a screw felt on Stan's head and discovered that the pigeon stoled their equipment.

5 Soda in the house/ It's an 8-Bit world TBA

When Kelly leaves the sewers Dimi, The Squid, Rico and Eric want to throw a party and on top of the streets Kelly is looking for a new dress. But when Bob and Sux come to the party and try to kill Dimi, Eric, The Squid and Rico need to stop them.

When Dimi, Rico, Kelly, Eric and The Squid go to game con for the 3rd time the entire gang get stuck in 8-Bit games the gang needs to beat the games to get out.

6 Happy B-Day/ A normal girl TBA

It is Dimi's birthday and Eric, Kelly, Rico and The Squid are going to orginise a birthday and invite everyone they know. But Goldie is also aware of his birthday and goes to him. When the Mayor left for the birthday Irene and Bob followed him. The party was busy and also the villains got consumed in the party and decided to just enjoy.

Kelly was very sad since she wasn't a normal girl like Mandy or Kiki. She was very depressed and no one could cheer her up. Eric and Dimi decided to look for Mandy and Kiki again so they could say that it isn't different to be a girl or a doll.

7 BLAAARGH/ Back in Time TBA

Dr. Octagonapus had build a giant robot with which he went to destroy Hinkletown. But the gan stopped him from doing so.

Dimi was on the Junkyard where he found a time machine and could take it from the Junkman. Dimi travelled back in time to the Prehistory, Middle Ages, Greek time, Cowboys-Indians, World War II and the Future.

8 Trashbot VS Cyberbot/ Back to School TBA

Trashbot seems to awakend himself at the same time as Cyberbot. They find each other in the park where they start to fight. During the fight they destroy the whole city.

Irene realizes that Dimi and Eric still are kids and decides to send them to school. They go to the Hinkletown Elementary School and get a teacher named Mrs. Pinkypie. They decide to stay on school.

Debut: Mrs. Pinkypie, Goldie Extension, Chad Buckler

9 Bully Love/ Traffic Trouble TBA

Dimi and Eric head to school and Dimi gets into a conversation with Goldie who and they both have feelings for each other. But Chad the boyfriend of Goldie disagrees and says they meet after school. Dimi runs away and Chad follows him he goes to the sewers and Chad falls there into the water and gets dragged away by the water with some help from Kelly, Rico and The Squid.

Stan and Rick meanwhile were cleaning the park up but people keep throwing trash in the park and they decide to take action.

Rico woke up because of the traffic above them. He suggested that they should do something about it. While Dimi and Eric go to school Rico and The Squid make it happen that this part of the road is bad luck because of the weird things they cause tothe drivers.

Stan and Rick had to fix damage Rico and The Squid caused to the road.

10 Swallow that!/ Hard Test TBA

The gang notice something going on in town, people keep disappearing. They find out what it is and find very weird monster called Swallow who eats people. They go to defeat him and succeed.

Debut: Swallow

Mrs. Pinkypie gave a hard test to the class that day, and Dimi was a bit lost in the test since he didn't knew what to fill in. Then he drifted of in his mind and started a quest for the answers. He finished the test and got an A.

11 The Last Crown/ Golden Shrine TBA

Dimi and the gang were actually heading over to the Carnival when suddenly they saw a golden crown lying in the middle of the road at the same time Irene, Bob and Dr. Octagonapus also saw the crown, so as Stan and Rick. But Pigeon flew away and they had to chase him the whole time.

Goldie had planned something to kill Dimi, he found an amulet which he used to hypnosize The Squid who then the whole time chased Dimi. Eventually Dimi seeked help by Sux who told him that he was hypnosized and let Dimi do some quests to revert it. Eventually it succeeds, to Goldie dismay.

Stan and Rick were fixing the rollercoaster of the Carnival when they ended up in a kart and rolled down the whole track.

12 The Haunted House/ Blackjack TBA

The Squid Sux found out that there was another Haunted House in town and went together with the Ghost Gang to check it out. They enter the House and withness strange things. Eventually they encounter King Squid (with his compain Orson) who was behind all this and became friends with him.

Debut: King Squid

The gang went again to the casino and all went to another thing. Dimi went to the Blackjack table and kept winning things but eventually losed everything. Rico and The Squid went to the comedy club to enter it, but failed. Eric and Kelly went to the Minigames and won a pencil. Stan and Rick went to the automatics and won $10.

13 Scary Tales/ Mondays... TBA

The gang and Stan & Rick went to the new Haunted House in the city and told each other stories and looked who can survive the stories. There were several stories told like: Chucky's Child Play, The Grudge, The Excorcist, Scream and Saw eventually only Dimi is left but he got scared of by The Squid Sux and King.

Debut: Saw, Regan, Scream, Chucky, Grudge

The weekend was over and Dimi and Eric went to school. Everyone was sleepy and they decided to create a plan to keep themself awake. They came up with several thing which mostly failed or didn't went good in their head.

Meanwhile Stan and Rick were fixing on the roof of the school but kept being interupted by the class.

14 City Hall Monster/ Mr. Greencake TBA

Irene created a potion to create a giant monster. But she accidenly spoiled some over the City Hall forming it into a monster with her and the Mayor still in it. It headed towards the sewers, so the gang decided to fight the City Hall and eventually beated it.

Debut: Monster City Hall

Dimi and Eric went to school and noticed that Mrs. Pinkypie was sick and replaced currently by Mr. Greencake the oppiste of Mrs. Pinkypie. The whole class tried to make him go away, by doing dangerous things. Eventually at the end of the day Mrs. Pinkypie came back and saw the KO'd Mr. Greencake.

Debut: Mr. Greencake


Operation: S.E.W.E.R.S.(part 1)/ Operation: S.E.W.E.R.S.(part 2)


The Mayor discovered that there were strange things happening in the city. Banks being robed, purses get stolen etc. So the Mayor hires in Dimi and the gang to seek this out. They found out that a gang of evil was behind this called RADIO concisting out of: Goldie, Bob, Dr. Octagonapus, The Squid Sux, Junkman and their leader Irene. The team go in seperate teams of two to eliminate each member of the gang. They eventually succeed to eliminate them all and stop them from stealing the Diamond of Diamond.

Debut: Old Lady Right


# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Jingle Bombs 25 December 2013

It is Christmas. Dimi and Rico explain Christmas to Kelly and go by several popular Christmas spots.

Introduced Characters: Santa Claus, Anti-Claus


Halloween Bash

31 Oktober 2012

It is Halloween. Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly went Trick or Treat'n but Goldie and Bob teamed up to kill them. Stan and Rick held a party at home and invited many people and Irene but Eddie and Mason also attended that party.

Introduced Characters: Eddie Kruger, Mason

3 Down the Streets: Sewer 2B 30 August 2012

Dimi, Rico, Eric and Kelly went to discover Sewer 2B where seems that there are mutant clones of everyone in town. They have to escape by reaching the ladder of the sewer.


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