These are the episodes!


These are the shorts

The Gang Make A Play

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 T.V Turn On!

Cody tries to get a tv Signal for the TV                                                 

2 The Great Play! Part 1

The gang make a play!

3 The Great Play! Part 2

The gang make a play!



The are exclusive specials!

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 Summer Bummer (Summer Special)

It is crazy hot and the guys go out for ice cream, but things are not what thy seem.

(This special appears alongside the movie, The Animated Kid The Movie)

2 Halloween Special

A 2-Part Special.

1. The Heroes go to a haunted house

2. The guys try to find out who is the scariest.

3 Christmas Special

Another 2-Part Special

1. The gang go through a version of "A Christmas Carol



These are the episodes in season 1 which is yet to be dated.

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 Meet The Kid Cody comes to the new city of Smileyville where he meets the guys, Firefly, Boomer, Digger and Kickstart. his new life starts hard, but when he finds a magic pencil. he and his friends get amazing powers! they also have to fight off a tree house monster. TBA
2 Crazy Canteen Cody believes the canteen ladies are possesed when he sneaks back in the night to get his school bag. The canteen ladies are also now serving nicer food. another strange thing. Ofcourse nobody beleives Cody. But they later realize they are possesed! TBA
3 A game of Life and Death! The guys play a game of life, but the game quickly goes off track as nobody seems to get along while doing the game. Cody realises that Mr. Unknown has hacked the board game! but can he get the group to work together? TBA
4 PB and Jayden When an evil jar gets stuck to jaydens head. He tries to take over his mind. the others think he is cool at first but later realise he is evil TBA
5 Cloudy with a chance of Maltballs Kickstart creates a cannon to fire and make it rain malt. little did he know that cody was allergic to malt. When the malt gets a life of its own. it takes over cody TBA
6 Where is The Animated Kid? When Cody dissapears, the whole show falls apart. When they believe that he was kidnapped by Mr. Unknown. They must travel thought his base to find him. TBA
7 Planet of the diggers When they are accidentally boarded on a N.A.S.A. ship. they come across a planet of diggers TBA
8 Turtle Bears Quest Turtle bear goes on a quest!
9 My holiday with a millionare

Firefly and Boomer are banned from the team. But when they win a competition. They spend their time with a millionare who is amazing, but is he what he seems... Cody and the rest of the gang realise they need them

10 When Pigs Fly Cody needs to by the latest video game. but he does not have the money! when he takes the line "When pigs fly" literally. he goes to every extent to make it happen. TBA
11 The Band Of Idiots! Cody wants to make a band, but they can't get there instuments working... TBA
12 I'm your No.1 Loser! Cody's number 1 fan, Larry, just wants him to be proud of him. though he can't do it! Larry strikes revenge with a diobolical plot! TBA
13 The Rock Gods When Cody's drum set smashes. he asks firefly to fix it. He summons The Rock Gods, though they are actual rock gods... TBA
14 My Life in 24 Minutes Cody must relive his whole life before the end of the episode to stop thw show destroying itself TBA
15 Accident on Purpose When rumorss on Cody spread around the school. He must fix these rumors before bad things happen... TBA
16 Turtle Bears 2nd Quest Turtle bear goes on another quest! TBA
17 I'm starting with the kid in the mirror Cody gets stuck in the mirror world where everything is opposite. TBA
18 I need a job Cody and the gang run out of money! And they need to get a job! TBA
19 10 reasons why to be animated Cody finds out the advantages to being animated! TBA
20 Pie Face It is pie day and everyone wants to throw pies at Cody! TBA
21 Truth or Dare They play an old fashioned game of truth or dare! TBA
22 Last and worst day of school The final day of school is sabotaged by Doctor Unknown! TBA
23 The Big Battle Part 1 They need to stop Mr. Unknowns evil plan and they go to his evil base to stop him. TBA
24 The Big Battle Part 2 They battle doctor unknown TBA
25 The Big Battle Part 3 The battle continued TBA
26 Season Completion Party There is a party for comlpeting the season but cody is not invited! TBA

A season 2 is yet to be set |}

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