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Enter Stage: Axis is a bonus track on Fanta 10's album Good Night. It is a rap about Axes' (formerly Trippin' the Pegasus) return to music, as well as general observations on the world. 

Good Night



Performed by



December 1, 2014


Fanon Fun! Entertainment


Good Night



So I been hearin' lots of talk, b****es thinkin' I be gone

While now I'm here to prove that the b*tches got it wrong

I left the music scene cuz' I was tired of it's sh*t

How does good music get squashed by a band of f*ggy brits?

Adam Levine and Beiber both of them can go to hell

You guys so out of tune, even autotune can't help!

So yeah, I took a break, but I wouldn't leave forever

The b*tches who said that should go get their heads severed


Music Video




Good Night Chronology

The song is not related to the Good Night story, but rather is an unconnected bonus track.


The song is censored on regular versions of the album because the album is clean. An uncensored version was released as a single on iTunes and Amazon, and is available for free to people who own the album.

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