Employed in the Foundry is a slice of life comedy about four friends, all working for different Foundry companies. Things are often regular in their lives but have a strange unfitting crazy setting to add humor. The show was created by Sr.Wario and pitched by executive producer Kayem-san. The TV show has been compared to an animated version of The Office, and is generally well received.


  • Ben Pal: The "straight man" of the group. He's normal and graduated with a degree in psychology, which he uses frequently to mess with Bob. He's the average guy and is in a relationship with Savannah, who also works with him as lead of accounting. He works at Zhao Industries as a salesman.
  • Bob Gary: A fat nerd who has a frenemy type relationship with Ben, but also relies on him in times of need. He is incredibly jealous of how Ben has a girlfriend and is so popular and socially stable. However, he is far smarter than Ben. He graduated with a Ph.D. and works as an engineer at BrandoCorp.
  • Chris Bam (often called Bam by people): The cool, calm, and collected member of the group who works as the assistant manager to Trent at Spyware Industries. He often gets women, but never stays in a relationship, and is a bachelor. He is often the wise one who gives advice to Ben. He is very quiet and graduated with a degree in business.







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