emerald the robot is a 2015 animated series that airs on nickelodeon.

each episode is 20 minutes long, but special episodes are 40–60 minutes long.



emerald: a friendly robot who often saves the day

bob: the scientist who created emerald, that's about it

magnisio: emerald's best friend who was created with using game consle parts


obsidian: an evil robot who wants to rid the world of humans

proto emerald: the insane prototype of emerald that wants to destroy everything.

dr. Depravity: a delusional nazi doctor who kills "weak people"

the cyclatti: a cult of cyclists who act like jerks to cyclists. they also dismantle robots who dare to insult cycling

List of episodes

episode 0: family reunion (terrible)

episode 1: cyclists


the show recivddd mixed to positive reviews, critcs praising the writing and voice acting, but some say the animation is mediocre.