emerald is a robot that likes to smoke weed and is the stare of emerald the robot

Emerald the robot


emerald was created by a scientest named bob, he was created to stop crime and he often Saves the city from villains.he is powered by weed and his arch enemy is called dr. Depravity.

powers and abilities

emerald can fly, turn his arm into a canon, record everything he sees , hack into computers using his mind and can the inside of a person. He also becomes supercharged when he smokes alott of weed


emerald can often get cocky if he is winning a fight , whitch can lead to a lack of focus on the fight, he also never kills humans due to his programing, whitch prevents him from killing humans or animals. and if he can't process his enemies moves he can crash like a computer. He also shutdown if he dosen't have enough weed in his body and other drugs are like his kryptonite.

this is how he appears
Alias(es) hockey bot
Status alive
Species robot
Sex male
Friends ruby, sapphire, diamond, and diamond
Enemies mosquitom
Love interests ruby
Eye color red
Hair color yellow
Religion athiest
Weapons katana
Family bob (creator)

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