Eggium Studios
Type Private
founded August 28, 1998 (as Cracked Crossovers)
July 24, 2013 (as Eggy Studios)
January 1, 2014
Founder(s) Eggy Soulster (founder)
Headquarters New York, USA
Parent Time Warner (50%, 2001-2005)
Splash Entertainment (formerly MoonScoop Group) (25%, 2013-preset)
Independent (50%, 2001-2005; 100%, 1998-2001 and 2005-2013; 75%, 2013-present)
Subsidiaries Eggium Studios Rotherham
Employees 145

Eggium Studios (formerly Cracked Crossovers) was founded by Eggy Soulster in 1998 after graduating the university, CalArts. It was renamed from Cracked Crossovers to Eggium Studios because the company might get a lawsuit from and they won't do crossover shows anymore. On August 19, 2013, MoonScoop Group acquired 25% of the company, which means that they are going to be involved in the second season of The Quarter Project. Eggium Studios will add the MoonScoop moon to its logo in 2014.

Why don't they get sued for copyright?

Eggy Soulster said in Comic-Con 2007, "All copyrighted characters, objects and many more that we don't own are faithfully credited at the end of every episode of the show (Sealab 2021 meets PaRappa). Original characters (such as Quarter and the Eggy character) don't count."

List of Eggium Studios productions

TV shows

Title Produced Co-Production Notes
Sealab 2021 meets PaRappa 2001-2011 70/30 Productions
Time Warner
Winner of ROFL Awards 2004 for Outstanding Smart Humor and almost won the Brilliant Smart Humor of Cartoon-Board 2011, but lost to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
The Quarter Project 2010-2011
Nickelodeon Productions
Cookie Jar (season 1)
DHX Media (season 2)
Billionfold, Inc.
Taffy Entertainment (A.K.A. MoonScoop)(season 2)
Mike Young Productions (season 2)
Cracked Crossovers is credited as Cracked Productions.
Yin Yang Rival Destinies 2011-2013 The Pokemon Company International
Jetix Animation Concepts/Disney XD (original Yin Yang Yo! footage)
Winner of Cartoon-Board 2012 for Good Animation.
Insanity Dimensions 2013 Viacom Team Twindrill and Hallmark Entertainment also work on the show, but not credited.


Title Produced Co-Production Notes
Quarter 1999 Nickelodeon Movies
Paramount Pictures
Winner of 28th Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature.
Quarter Again 2004 Warner Bros. Nominated at the 32nd Annie for Awards for Best Home Entertainment Production.
Pokémorphs 2005 Warner Bros.
Quarter: Attack Of The Giant Paint 2009 Nickelodeon Movies
Paramount Pictures
Nominated at the 37th Annie for Awards for Best Home Entertainment Production.
Quarter: Evil Machine Invasion 2013 Nickelodeon Movies
Paramount Pictures
Pokémorphs 2 2014 Warner Bros. First Warner Bros. film by Eggy Studios since Pokémorphs.
Nicktoons: Multiverse Impact 2015 Nickelodeon Movies


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