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Egghead and Smiley

Egghead and Smiley

Egghead And Smiley is a 2012 nicktoon aired on Febraury 4, 2012 and based off on MeeksMan's Fort House Cartoons as a short in March 6, 2010. about a talking egg and his best friend a floating smiley face who live in the city of ChewTown. The show is animated in 2D animation.


Egghead Yolk ,A talking egg determined to do things right the first time.

Smiley,A dim witted smiley face who is Egghead's best friend.

Blu,a small blue puffball with yellow eyes who looks cute,but has sharp fangs and a monstrous appitete. She is also Smiley's Pet.

Note: Blu was orange at first, and her name was originally Tiff.

Mel,A strong watermelon with a friendly attitude.

Ray,a lima bean alien who wants to take over the Earth, although his plans always end up in failure.

Mitch, Mel's nephew. He is a bit geeky.

Rito, a money crazy burrito. He will do anything to get cash.

Ritchie Vinegar, a goofy pickle who likes to make puns. Most citizens in ChewTown find him annoying, He has a bowtie,

C.K, a 11 year old skateboarding cookie with a red cap.

Sprinkles,a donut who is mistaken for a girl (because of his name). He is a grumpy guy and speaks in a muffeld voice. (Probably because he has a hole in his mouth) He is Egghead and Smiley's neighbor. NOTE: Even though Sprinkles dislikes Egghead and Smiley, he seems to like Egghead more than Smiley.

Captain Pineapple,a superhero who is Egghead's role model.

Atomic Onion,Captain Pineapple's sidekick.

Davis Yolk, Egghead's arrogant and overbearing big bro. He is a cool guy who wears shades and always attracts the ladies.

Lenny, a giant blob of jello with tentacles. He has big googly eyes.

Puddle, a moving pile of vanilla pudding. She has a crush on egghead.


Mang,a robot mango.

Wee,a nerdy kiwi who wears glasses.

Carri,a timid carrot who's biggest fear is getting eaten.

Loco Coco, a crazy coconut.


MeeksMan as Egghead

Invader Rob as Smiley

Theweb0123 as Tiff

Adam West as Captain Pineapple

Burt Ward as Atomic Onion

Jeremy Shada as C.K

Richard Steven Horvitz as Ray

Patrick Warbuton as Mel

Roger Bumpass as Sprinkles

Jim Cummings as Mang

E.G Daily as Carri

Kevin Duhaney as Wee

Tom Kenny as Lenny

Grey DesLile as Puddle Tara Strong as Mitch

Jeff Bennet as Loco Coco

Roger Craig Smith as Davis

(Coming up next bumpers)

Don't move a yolk! Egghead and Smiley are up next! Only on Nick!

Don't mango away! There's more Egghead and Smiley coming up! Only on Nick!

Note:All the characters (except smiley and  blu ) are foods.

Genre- Slapstick, Comedy, Animation, Squash And Stretch

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