Dragon-Cat is a nicktoon about a animal who is a hybird of a dragon and a cat.



Dragon-Cat, the main character.He is a hybird of a dragon and a cat. He is very headstrong and not afraid to voice his opinion.

Yeti-Dog, a hybird of a dog and a yeti. He is dim witted. He is also dragon- cat's best friend.

Dino-Shark, a hybird of a dinosaur and a shark. He is the main villain of the show and Dragon-Cat's arch nemesis.

Siamese-Phoenix, a mix of a phoenix dragon and a siamese cat. Dragon-Cat has a crush on her.

Unicorn - Turtle, a mix of a unicorn and a turtle. She is Siamese Phoenix's best friend. Yeti-Dog has a crush on her.


Mermaid-Deer, a mix of a mermaid and a deer.

Orc-Hog, a mix of a orc and a hog.

Ogre-Roo, a mix of a ogre and a kangaroo.

Lepre-Rilla, a mix of a gorilla and a leprechaun.

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