Dr. Blowhole: Diobolical Dolphin is a show about Dr.Blowhole. This show is a spin-off the Penguins of Madascar. In this show, it appears there is a change. Dr. Blowhole is the hero while Skipper has his role as an antagonist.


Dr. Blowhole: An evil dolphin who wants to take over the world. He is the main prontogonist of the show.

Chrome Claw: A character who died outside the series, but is mentioned in many episodes.

Skipper: The main antagonist of the series. He is a penguin who always thinks he's so cute and cudly, but his head is as flat as a pancake (LOL!).

Dr. Curltail: A cyborg seahorse who is new to the villain world. Dr. Blowhole helps him with his plots, and he helps Blowhole with his.

Lobster Minions: These are lobsters that obey their leader. These are minions that Curltail and Blowhole often share.


Opening Theme

Brand New Plan01:12

Brand New Plan

Ending Theme

Porpoise Power Ballad01:43

Porpoise Power Ballad

More to come!


List of Dr. Blowhole: Diabolical Dolphin episodes


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