Down the Streets Racers is a video game from Down the Streets. It is similar to Mario Kart. it also features 8 characters from Mattboo and Friends against LT Fan, & 6 Characters from U.B. Funky and has a Double Dash mode.



  • Dimi Downer (medium)
  • Rico the Rat (medium)
  • Eric Green (medium)
  • Kelly the Doll (small)
  • Irene Law (medium)
  • Stan Brick (large)
  • Rick Stone (medium)
  • Squid (small)


  • Bob Constructor (large)
  • Goldie (large)
  • Mandy Vortex (medium)
  • Mayor Right (small)
  • Trashbot (small)
  • Scythe (large)
  • Pigeon (small)
  • Carnival Owner & Casino Owner (medium)
  • Kaithlyn Downer (medium)
  • Rachel Green (medium)
  • The Junkman (large)
  • Boomer the Squirrel (small)

MattBoo and Friends: Warriors against LT Fan

  • Mattboo (small)
  • Homestar Runner (large)
  • Pac-Man Jr. (small)
  • Kirby (small)
  • Yoshi (medium)
  • Ami (medium)
  • U.B. (small)
  • Annoying Orange (small)


Sewer Cup

  • Sewer 2A
  • Sewer Refreshment
  • Tunnel of Dirt
  • Sewer 2B

Hinkletown Cup

  • Carnival Park
  • Casino Night
  • Swim Paradise
  • Hinkletown Downtown

Pipe Cup

  • Pipe Crossway
  • Horserace Track
  • Bit-World
  • The Well

Chemical Cup

  • Hinkletown Forest
  • Dreamlands
  • The Junkyard
  • Chemical Falls


  • Flame Wheel- Gives you a speed boost
  • Nuclear Rocket- Sends a rocket towards the person for you
  • X-Ton- You throw a X-Ton towards someone or on the track
  • Stringshot- Gives three shots towards someone
  • Chemical Waste- You drop a puddle of Chemical Waste
  • Antidote- Protects you from incoming things
  • Time Bomb- Slows down the first 3 characters
  • Classic Pac-Man- You send a classic Pac-Man onto the track
  • Mattbomb- Bombs the first person


  • Sewer Pipes
  • Forklift
  • Sand Drifter
  • Rescue Boat
  • Mayor Limo
  • Lady the Horse
  • Trashbot Drifter
  • Remy Racer
  • Beer Bottler
  • X-Ton
  • Chemical Car
  • 2B-Dasher
  • Warp Star
  • Egg 3000
  • Pac-Glider
  • Midget Apple's Monster Truck
  • Doll Racer
  • Bumper Car
  • Casino Car
  • Explorer Jeep
  • Cheese Nibler
  • DtS Racer

Game Modes

Grand Prix

Race in the Grand Prix to win trophies and become the Champion.

  • 50CC: Easy, Slow
  • 100CC: Medium
  • 150CC: Hard, Fast
  • 150CC Mirror: Hard, Fast, Mirrored

Double Dash

The same as Grand Prix only with two characters in one car.

Time Trails

Race the track the fast you can, without other racers and only three Flame Wheels. Ghosts can be unlocked.

Versus Mode

Race to each other in Versus Mode on a track, also for Online.

Battle Mode

  • Balloon Battle

Eliminate the others by popping their balloons. The last one standing wins.

  • Coin Collectors

Collect as many coin as you can, you can also steal coins. The one with the most coins wins.

  • Gap Evaders

Try to evade gaps that create themself in the ground, you have three lives. The last one standing wins.

Mission Mode


  • Bob Constructor
  • Goldie
  • Scythe
  • Boomer the Squirrel
  • The Junkman
  • Irene Law
  • LT Fan
  • Mattboo Sux
  • Dora the Explorer

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