Down the Streets Carnival is a video game based of the first episode from Down the Streets. It is similar to Mario Party.

Playable Characters

  • Dimi Downer
  • Rico the Rat
  • Eric Green
  • Kelly the Doll
  • Stan Brick
  • Rick Stone
  • Mandy Vortex


  • Hinkletown Streets
  • Frozen Volcano
  • Dessert Hills
  • Lost Castle
  • Bit-World
  • Hinkletown Sewers


  1. The Junkman
  2. Goldie
  3. Bob Constructor
  4. Gigadude
  5. Irene Law


  • Normal: does nothing
  • Trash: Trashbot can give something good but also something bad
  • Chemical: Something bad happens
  • Right: Mayor Right gives something good
  • Mini-Game: You play a mini-game.


  • Double Dice: throw with two dices
  • Triple Dice: throw with three dices
  • X-Ton Stealer:steal a X-Ton from an opponent
  • Grab Bag: steal an amount of coins from an opponent
  • Coin Dice: throw a dice for coins

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