Down the Streets: Sewer 2B is a video game based on the Nickelodeon serie Down the Streets. It is based on various episodes from Season one and the special which has the same name.

Playable Characters

  • Dimi Downer
  • Rico the Rat
  • Eric Green
  • Kelly the Doll
  • Stan Brick
  • Rick Stone
  • Goldie (only in Sewer Lake)
  • Mutated Cat (Only in Hinkletown Streets)

Non-Playable Characters

  • Mandy Vortex
  • Pigeon (cameo character)
  • Mayor Right
  • Trashbot
  • Carnival Owner
  • Casino Owner
  • Lady the Horse
  • Remy the Rat


Level Name Boss Boss Stage
Sewer 2A (hub) X X
Hinkletown Forest The Woodschopper Clearing Spot
The Casino Mr. Blackjack The Roulette
Riding School Other Racers Racing Track
Dreamland Nightmare Dimi's Dream
Sewer Lake The Croc Gang (Skythe, Knife, Katana, Spear, Hammer) Speed Pipe
The Well Samantha Monrou Abonded House
Game Con Marco Browser's Castle
Swim Paradise Goldie Bubblebad
The Zoo Bob Constructor Lion Cage
The Carnival The Squid (EVIL) Squid House
Chemical Falls Mutated Beaver Mutating Spot
Hinkletown Streets Mutated Pigeon and Irene Law City Hall
Sewer 2B Mutant Mayor Right Mutated City Hall

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