Dores' New Plan is the 20th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Dores
  • Sophie Clone


  • Sophie
  • Villain
  • Joy


Dores: Now that I've recovered in the hospital, let's go a different direction and RID the universe of a species this time!

(Dores lays down his book of species)

Dores: Humans... no. I'll be stopped by Gorge for that! Otters... PETA will stop me. And Sophie too. Girl species... tried that and not trying it again. A-HA! Otter-people. They're very different from regular otters, but still...

Villain: I got a question! What do we use to do THAT?

Dores: I'll copy Sophie's DNA and my clone of her will be a Marksman, like John... only eviler!

Villain: And female. And an otter.

Dores: EXACTLY! Time to clone Sophie's DNA!

Villain: Also, you're basically fighting fire with fire.

Dores: I know.

(Dores goes to Sophie)

Dores: Don't worry. This won't hurt... (gets scissors) a bit.

(Dores snips a piece of Sophie's fur)

Dores: Well, Sophie's fur will have to do for the clone!

(Dores clones Sophie's DNA)

Dores: Release the real Sophie. I've had enough of HER!

(cut to Gorge's house, Gorge is playing Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube)

Gorge: I feel like Dores has a new plan.

Timmy: What is it?

Gorge: I think he's trying to rid the universe of a species of otter-people.

Timmy: That's not good!

Gorge: I also think he cloned Sophie. How did he even get a passport?

Timmy: He teleported.

Gorge: That explains why there's an evil clone of Sophie.

Timmy: WHAT?

Gorge: And also, isn't Dores fighting fire with fire?

Timmy: Probably.

(the evil clone of Sophie is spying on Gorge)

Gorge: Also, how can Dores travel to Ontario, Canada in three seconds flat? It takes hours by United States plane!

Timmy: I dunno.

Gorge: Also, how can he see Sophie when I don't call her because I don't want to pay for long-distance calls?

Timmy: Simple. He is ridding the universe of a species of otter-people!

Gorge: EXACTLY! He is planning to rid the universe of a species of otter-people!

Timmy: What do we do? Call Sophie?

Gorge: No.

Timmy: Why not?

Gorge: I'm calling Josephine instead!

(Gorge calls Joy)

Joy: Hello?

Gorge: Yes. Do you have any Dr. Pepper?

Joy: Oh no.

Gorge: Okay then.

(Gorge hangs up)

(Timmy turns on the news)

Announcer: WCCB News takes us to Bay Lake, where a villain is trying to kill off the entire population there, and-

(Timmy drops the remote)

Gorge: We have to go there? Wait, we don't have to!

Timmy: Why not?

(Gorge opens the door to his basement)

Timmy: Why is it full of Caffeine-free Sun Drop?

Gorge: I drink it.

(Gorge gets on a computer)

Gorge: I've been working on this program for weeks, and no one knows about it yet.

Timmy: What is it?

Gorge: It's a Relocator.

Timmy: What does it do?

Gorge: I press R...

(Gorge presses "G")

Gorge: Oops.

(the Sophie Clone is now taller)

(Gorge presses "S" which shrinks the Sophie Clone)

Gorge: Whew!

(Gorge aims at Beach Lake)


(Gorge presses "R")

(Beach Lake is relocated to Georgia)

Gorge: You see that? That's how science is done!

Timmy: Except... you placed Bay Lake in Northern Georgia.

Gorge: Am I daydreaming?

(To be continued)


  • This is the first time Dores mentioned Sophie the Otter. In the series, she was first mentioned in Payment Problem.
  • This is the first appearance of the Sophie Clone.

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