Dores is the main antagonist in Curiousgorge66's Adventures. Gorge developed the character while he was writing episode 3, and even developed what was believed to be a brother for him, who goes by the name of Zores.

Events of Season 1

Dores' plan in Season 1 was to capture and inflate the Girl species. He was stopped.

Events of Season 2

Dores' plan in Season 2 was to clone Sophie and rid the universe of all Letter Creature life.


  • Dores was to be named Cores, but Gorge thought that he would be mistaken for cores.
  • He was to be the anti-Chrome before Gorge wanted an OC name for the villain.
  • Dores makes an appearance in the first movie, and Timmy hands him some Deep Fried Squeegees.
  • Dores foreshadowed part of the plot of Curiousgorge66's Second Movie Adventure when he said that he won't destroy the Girl species after what happened in the 1st season (Nova decided to do that instead).
  • Dores seems to have a deep hatred for Nova, as evident in The Genie in The Gem.
  • Dores was killed in The Death of Dores.

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