Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven is an episode of Paper Land.


Park invents a new word, Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven, but it eventually becomes very popular, now Line has to stop Park from becoming too popular or else he'll explode.


Park: What a wonderful day in Paper Land!

Line: (grabs milk and cereal from fridge) No, it isn't, look outside. It's raining angry paper sailor hats!

Angry Paper Sailor Hat: FEAR ME.

Park: Your right... (grabs milk and cereal from fridge)

Line: (eats milk and cereal) You say 1, I say 2.

Park: (eats milk and cereal) Why?

Line: Because there's nothing else to do.

Park: No, I'm just gonna stare mindlessly at this cereal box.

(The cereal box is shown, and the camera zooms in on the catchphrase "Sugar Frosted Candy Cereal! Part of a nutritious breakfast!")

Park: This gives me an idea!

Line: What idea?

Park: I'm gonna make a catchphrase! Help me.

Line: When people make catchphrases they usually just bundle random words together and call it a catchphrase.

Park: Hmmm... (looks at doorknob, then looks at microwave, then looks at number sheet with the number "37" circled.)

Line: Thought of anything?


Line: Good, now go tell people.

Park: (jumps out window) (climbs mountain) (grabs microphone) DOORKNOBMICROWAVETHIRTYSEVEN!

Mr. Blah: Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven?

Doodle Pencil: Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven?

Everybody else: Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven?

Line: I have a feeling this won't end well.


(TV suddenly turns on)


News Lady: (pushes News Man out of frame) Yes, the new catchphrase "Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven" has instantly become very popular.

Random Paperperson: (hangs up sign that says "Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven")



  • List of words people made up:
    • Doorknobmicrowavethirtyseven
    • Kitchenovenonetwothreechocolate
    • Ilikepiesocksshoesseventynine
    • Somethinginvolvingtoiletpapereighty

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