Doggie and Max is about the real adventures of Doggie and Max. Doggie and Max are in high school now, with new and old friends. Doggie and Max normally do adventures with bad results. With their old friend Seal, along with new friends Sadie and Tim, their going to have to survive until graduation.


The main voices are:

  • Nathan Kress as Doggie Dogsworth, the co-main character and Max's best friends
  • Frankie Jonas as Max Track, co-main character and Doggie's best friend
  • Jerry Trainer as Seal, a sea lion (his name is misleading)
  • Sterling Knight as Tim Goldspup, a dog with bad luck
  • Bridget Mendler as Sadie
  • Tom Kenny as Spike, a albino rhino
  • Tom Hanks as Tracker, Max's older brother
  • Kevin James as Little Searcher, Doggie's older brother

The guest voices are:

  • Clancy Brown as Princable Pup
  • Matt Shivley as George, a guinea pig and one of Doggie and Max's classmate
  • Tara Strong as Hanna, Tracker's girlfriend
  • Antonio Bandaras as Mr. Pigford, Doggie's teacher
  • Lionario DeCaprio as Puppy, Doggie's annoying cousin

Season 1 episodes

The first season consist of 10 episodes, starting with Pilot and ending with The Coffee Mystery.

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Pilot March 8, 2011

Doggie and Max prepare for summer vacation, and Doggie falls in love with Sadie.


# Title Airdate Overview Code
2 Hip Hopped

March 9,


Doggie gets insulted by a rapper, and has to beat him in a hip hop competition to defend his honor. Meanwhile, Seal attemps to pass cooking, but he goes deva on the chopping block. 102
3 Doggie and the Steamboat March 10, 2011 Doggie takes his families old steamboat out to Animal City Lake, but it breaks down, and sinks. Now Doggie has to hope for rescue. 103
4 Evil dentist March 11, 2011 Doggie and Max find out Tim is afraid of the dentist. 104
5 I Shouldn't have a kid March 12, 2011 Doggie finds out he accidentilly adopted a kid. 105
6 The Bowl Off March 19, 2011

Doggie tries to teach Sadie bowling so she can join the Animal City Bowling Club, but, she stinks like rotten cheese.


# Title Airdate Overview Code

Don't be a star

March 26,


Doggie becomes famous, with destructious results to his life. 107
8 Biking Race April 2, 2011 Doggie, Max and the others compeat in a week long bike race, but Max questions the competition. 108
9 Pupano April 9, 2011 Tim has to preform on a piano, but he strugles to stay focus. 109
10 The Coffee Mystery April 16, 2011 Someone tampers with Animal City's coffee supplies, making everyone sleep, and Doggie and Max have to save the city. Meanwhile, Tim strugles with getting rid of adult swim, but Tracker and his new girlfriend want to stop him. 110

Season 2 episodes

Doggie and Max was renued for another season. The new season has 24, including 4 shorts.

# Title Airdate Overview Code

Storm Animals

May 1, 2011

A storm hits Animal City, interupting Doggie's basketball game. Now Doggie, Max, Seal, Sadie, and Tim have to stay inside untill the storm passes.


The DOGGIE Island

May 8, 2011

Doggie and Max buy a video game called The DOG Island, but Seal gets sucked in the game.

Note: There really is a video game called The DOG Island.

3 What does it say? May 15, 2011 Tim spends his money on a video game, but it's in Korean, and they people at the store won't return it, so Tim has Doggie and Max helo get his money back. 203
4 Short 1 May 16, 2011 Doggie attemps to toss a quarter into a jug. S1

5 The Seven Deadly Seals May 23, 2011

Since God's idea of the Seven Deadly Sins didn't work, he clones 7 Seals, each giving each one a deadly sin, then releases them onto Earth. Now the real Seal along with Doggie, Max, and Tim face off against the seven Seal clones.

Note: This is a half hour episode.

6 Forgetting You May 30, 2011

Sadie breaks up with Doggie for a motorcycle rider named Howard, so Doggie breaks even: music style.

Music: Tonight Tonight by Hot Chellae Rae

7 Let's get kraken June 6, 2011 A kracken invades Animal City Harbor, attacking ships and stealing cargo. To makes thing worse, Tim gets captured by the kracken Now Doggie and Max try and kill the kracken and get Tim back. 206
8 Misfortune Cookie June 13, 2011 Max gets 6 unlucky fortune cookie, and each one becomes true. Now Doggie and Tim travel to the Cookie Dimention to plead with Father Fortune Cookie to stop Max's last fortune cookie from becoming true. 207

Episode Transcrips

See Doggie and Max/Episode Transcrips

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