Dog Days,is the 15th episode of Nicky. It was written by Sr.Wario.


Brandon becomes a dog,after one of his inventions backfire. Nicky must then help Brandon alone.


(Theme Plays)

(Shows Title Card)

Nicky: DERP.

Brandon: Double derp.

Nicky: Me so hot and boreeeeeeeeedddddddddddd.

Brandon: I know.

Newsman: And today,the tempature is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 degrees fahrenheit,and the boring level is 1000/100.

Nicky: Ya dot dat right.

Brandon: Okay,I refuse to sit here and let the sun ruin a good Summer day! To the lab.
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Sonic's Theme (It Doesn't Matter)04:30

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Sonic's Theme (It Doesn't Matter)

The Theme

Nicky and Newsman: If ya can't beat em',join them!

Nicky: Wha? You not supposed to bes here.

Newsman: Total derp.

Brandon: Good! I'm glad you decided to join me!

Nicky: SUPA DERP!!!

Brandon: Oooooooooooooooookay?

Nicky: Otay.

Brandon: Okay,Nick! Today,we shall make,a Dog-Inator!

Nicky: Wha-huh?

Brandon: A Dog-Inator! Our pet parrot hates me! I think he would be nicer if he was reborn!

Nicky: Wut?

Brandon: You heard me! Now,step 1,dog hair.

Nicky: Fowwow me!

Nicky puts on a spy stealth suit,and sneaks in Pet Smart. He takes some dog hair.

Dog: RUFF!(Translation: Stop,in the name of TUFF!)

He runs away.

Brandon: THAT WAS EPIC!!!

Nicky: Derp.


The two rush back to Brandon's lab.

Brandon: STEP TWO,Dog Breath!

Nicky opens his mouth.

Brandon: P-U-!!!! Okay,now,build a ridiculous machine.

Nicky: Dat's pwetty stwaight forward.

Brandon: Yep.

A montage of inventing music goes on,while Brandon builds a large,interesting,and complicated machine.

Nicky: I dink he almost done!

Brandon: Voilla!

Nicky: Y-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon: And now aim and fi...

Nicky accidentally puts a mirror in front of the pet parrot.

Nicky: Uh-oh.

Brandon(SLOW-MO): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon then gets turned into a dog.

Nicky: DIS IS BAD!!!


Nicky: Wittle Doggy,your Bubby! Oh-No! How is I going to turns you back to normal? TO PET SMART!!!!

Nicky: Hello,my brother is a puppy doggy. How do I change him back to normal?

Pet Smart Employee: Hmmm. That could be a problem. The only way to cure Dogginitis Behavur,is the Golden Statue,on Mt. Neverest.

Nicky: Adventure Derp!


Nicky: Shush.

Nicky: Otay,Googey Maps says dat Mount Nevewest is 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Miles away. Mommy,I'm going on a pwane to Mount Neverest.

Mrs. Tinguely: OKAY!!

Brandon: Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffff,YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Nicky and Brandon buy First Class seats,and go to the airport.

Security: Sorry,you can't bring dogs on the plane.

Nicky turns into Super Goku,and eats the man's watch.

Security: Nevermind!

Nicky: YAY!! Come on,Doggy!

Brandon: Ruff.

The flight leaves,but Nicky and Brandon turn into Super Nicky and Super Brandon. They then fly to the plane.

Nicky: Hi.

Brandon: Ruff.

Nicky: Onwy 6 and a half hours weft!

Brandon: Holy Ruff!

Narrator: 6 AND ONE HALF HOURS LATER...........................................................................................................................................................

Captain: This is your captain speaking,we will be landing shortly.

Nicky: Ugh.

Brandon: Ugh.

The two get off of the plane,as they begin to climb the mountain. They then play Crush 40 songs while the two climb to the top.

Never Turn Back by Crush 40 (Closing Theme of Shadow the Hedgehog)04:40

Never Turn Back by Crush 40 (Closing Theme of Shadow the Hedgehog)

Crush 40 - Knight of the Wind (Full version)04:29

Crush 40 - Knight of the Wind (Full version)

Nicky and Brandon: Ugh.

Brandon: RUFF!!!!!

Nicky: We made it! YAY!!!!

Nicky takes the Golden Statue,and the security guards chase after them.



The two jump ona nearby helicopter,which is blown up by the security guards,they then fall into a Mountain Buggy,and race to the airport.

Security: You can't have a dog on the...

Nicky slaps him,and runs.


Nicky rides Brandon to the plane,and 6 and a half hours later,they get off.

Brandon: SUPA RUFFZ!!!!!

Nicky: To Petsmart!

Petsmart Employee: Well,you've found it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!

The Petsmart Employee takes off his mask,and he's really Dr. Boom.

Dr. Boom: Yes! Now that I have the Golden Statue,I can get rid of my worst enemies,DOGS!!!

Nicky then lets out all of the dogs,and Brandon leads them,they chase after Dr. Boom,and bite his butt.


Dr. Boom is chased into the Bird Cage,and all of the birds bite him,and annoy him.

Dr. Boom: THE IRONY!!!!

Nicky: Gimme the golden statue.

Dr. Boom: NEVER!!!!

Nicky calls for a giant pitbull,so Boom gives it up.

Dr. Boom: Fine. But I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky whacks Brandon on the head with the golden stsue,and he is transformed into a human.

Brandon: My back,my arms,my legs!!!!

Nicky carries Brandon out as the sun sets.

Nicky: Me need a vacation.

Brandon: I got you brother.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

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