Derphletes is an animated show created by Tyran Rex. The series follows the adventures of 3 balls that try to win at sports even though they always lose. The show is situated in Sportz City. 

Genre: Comedy 
Creator: Tyran Rex 
Writer: Tyran Rex 
Director: Tyran Rex 
Starring: Red the Baseball, Penny the Basketball, Will the Football 
Opening theme: 'Hang Tough' by New Kids on the Block 
End theme: 'Dr. Wily's Castle' from Mega Man 2 
Number of seasons:
List of episodes: List of Derphletes episodes 
Production Company: T-Rex Studios 
Original Channel: Nicktoons 
First aired: July 28, 2020


Red, Penny and Will live in Sportz City. They all want shiny gold medals. One problem- they lose at almost everything!



  • Red- An optimistic baseball. He is the main character of the show. He is happy all the time but he gets seriously angry if you try to hurt or kill him or his friends. He isn't very smart....
  • Penny- A basketball and Red's best friend. She is the smartest out of the 3 balls, but she also goes on dumb adventures with Red and Will anyways.
  • Will- A football and Red's other best friend. He is the strongest in the group, but he's also the dumbest. This combination gets him in trouble at times.


  • Betty- A baseball bat that is in love with Red (although he finds her creepy). She stalks Red all the time and will do anything for him... except leave him alone.
  • Walter- A prankster golf ball that's friends with Red. He always cracks jokes and pulls pranks on people.


  • Mayor Olly- The mayor of Sportz City. She is a shuttlecock. She doesn't appear often.
  • Ping and Pong- Twin ping-pong balls that always fight. Ping is a boy and Pong is a girl.


  • Jock Squad- A team of footballs (Jay, Earl, Dave and Sam) that hate Red, Penny and Will. They always try to make them lose.
  • Coach Crusher- A coach that hates everyone except for people who can play sports. He is a soccer ball.
  • Dr. V- An evil volleyball. Prior to the series, Red got him arrested for trying to blow up the world, and now Dr. V hates him and his friends.


June 2013- Derphletes first thought of. Series of shorts created about them.

March 2018- First full episode created.

July 2020- Episode released to public.


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US: NickToons, NickDerps

Canada: YTV, Teletoon

UK: NickToons


  • Red was named after the Red Sox.
  • All the Sportz City residents have teleepathy so they can move stuff with their minds, or use invisible sticky pads on the sides of their bodies to pick stuff up.

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