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Defect is a spin-off of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness that is set in Paradox Science in 1987 before the murders. The show features another robot, which is a defective prototype of Chrome. Due to this, he has almost the same personality, except the fact that he's more afraid than Chrome and acts cowardly. The series ended with two seasons and 30 episodes.


  • Defect is a robot that is a prototype of Chrome. He became alive due to some matter from The Void escaping and falling on him. Some landed in his mouth, and his taste indicators thought it was tasty. He ate it, and he fused with the matter, making him become alive.
  • Janice is a scientist who is friends with Defect, feeling bad for him.
  • Michael is another scientist who hates Defect and tries to destroy him for spare parts to insert into Chrome.
  • Roger is a scientist who is neutral towards Defect, and uncaring towards him as well.
  • Chrome was still under construction during the time of Defect's "adventures", so he usually is put into Test Mode when seen and says default phrases to Defect.


  • Chrome seems to remember Defect, and when the series was completed, an episode of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness focuses on finding Defect in the abandoned laboratory.

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