Death Bug is a horror film will open in theaters in 2013. The story is about a bed bug getting bittin by a rare vampire Mantis, soon the bug becomes bigger, feeding off sleeping victims.


Jack, Jhonny's father, is preparing to go to bed, when he notices his window is open, he checks the house to see if somone got in but couldn't find it, so he closed the window and went to bed. Mia, Jhonny's mother comes in the room, and Jhonny goes to bed in his room. Around 3:00, his mother screams and Jhonny rushes to there room to discover his father was attacked at night by somthing, Mia calls the ambulance, Jhonny, with his dog Shermit, cries and the sidewalk confused and sad that his father has died.

13 years later, Jhonny, now 18, prepares for class at his school. Jhonny's best friend, Holden comes over and explains that Scottland Trink, one of the world's best known runner, mysteriously dissappears overnight, along with sevral other people in London. Jhonny believes this has something to do with his father's death 13 years ago, and diecides to investigate some more on this. TBC



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