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Dealing With the Desert is a Nick show about life in the desert with Rattlson the rattlesnake. For some reason, Rattleson wears a collar


Main Characters


Rattleson is the main prontogonist of the series. He is a Diamondback Rattlesnake with a Go-Lucky attitude. His girlfriend, Emily, however thinks he would be better if he did not have a Go-Lucky attitude. His best friend, Cati, is a big ego.


Emily is Rattleson's girlfriend. She would like Rattleson better if he was a "normal" rattlesnake. Her eyes impress Rattleson most of all...but she would rather have them blue (the orriginal eye color for Emily).


Cati is Rattleson's best friend. He goes with him to his school and has a big-ego attitude. He is named after a
Cartoon rattlesnake postcard-p239908546346789081baanr 400
cactus, and is not so mean to Rattleson. But everybody else in the series....well...not that nice. Rattleson thinks he is the nicest guy around, but, he never saw him...well...with others. He is the meanest to Emily because she is the only rattlesnake in the school that can live inside a cactus.


Mr.Cutcaster is the teacher of the 3 characters above. He is not a rattlesnake, he is a grass snake from captivit
y that was put in the wrong place. He is a very school-loving teacher (more school-loving then the teacher from Keegu the Koopa) and loves plain,yellow pencils. He hardly likes the hot,dusty, school, but he loves the teaching


Rabiscy is the main antagonist of the series. He is a desert cottontail. His kind is eaten by snakes and hates it (a
lot like Sealmorkondo hates his kind eaten by sharks in Cool Shark). His red eyes are very creepy, and only Cati is not scared of them.


Voices Actors

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