This is an avarage schedule of The Dark Side Channel starting Sunday April 20th 2014 and onward. If DeadManThunder stops editing these pages daily please try and continue.

April 20 2014 (sample schedule from this date onward)

12:00 am. WTFHS. 'Pilot?' TV-14-DLS

12:30 am. ThePonyKid. 'Dead Man Mario'. TV-PG-LV

1:00 am. Echoing. 'The Closet'. TV-14-LV

1:30 am. Locks. 'Some One Cheats On SomeOne'. TV-14-DL

2:00 am. -Edited- 'Sailor Mouth'. TV-MA-L

2:15 am. WalkingGeeks. 'Out Break'. TV-14-DLV

2:30 am. MAD. 'AviTurd/ CSiCarly'. TV-PG-V

2:45 am. -Edited- 'Rolf Jacks Off To Gay Porn'. TV-MA-LS

3:00 am. CreepyPasta. 'Abandoned By Disney'. TV-14-V

3:30 am. WTFHS. 'Him'. TV-14-DLSV

4:00 am. TwoTimeTravelingIdiots. 'An Adventure Is Ivented!' TV-14-L

4:30 am. TeamCommando. 'The First Mission'. TV-MA-LV

5:00 am. TheMoriceShow. 'Million Dollers' TV-14-DLV

5:30 am. Banned. 'Rude Removal'. TV-14-L

6:00 am. News@6. 'Free Parks'. TV-14-DLSV

6:30 am. NoWhereSpecial. 'Sleeping Dimensions'. TV-PG-LV

7:00 am. MAD. 'TransBOREmores/ Star Wars The Groan Wars' TV-PG

7:15 am. MAD: The Reserection 'Capitan Soviet Russia'. TV-14-DLV

7:30 am. AirZone. 'Biological Mess'. TV-14-DLSV

8:00 am. J School. 'First Day'. TV-14

8:30 am. MonsterIslandBuddies 'Rodan Loves Mothra'. TV-14-DL

9:00 am. WalkingGeeks. 'The Last Signing'. TV-14-LV

9:15 am. WTFHS. 'The Fox'. TV-14-DL

9:45 am. TwoTimeTravellingIdiots. 'We Censor Words'. TV-14-DL

10:15 am. WalkingGeeks. 'Attack Of The Bronies'. TV-14-DLV

10:30 am. StarShip9. 'The Future Of Today'. TV-14-LV

11:00 am. HeilHoneyI'mHome. 'Neighbors In Groups'. TV-14

11:30 am. YearsOfHell. 'War Is Hell'. TV-14-LV

12:00 pm. TheWeirdFamily. 'Your Avarage Family'. TV-14-L

12:30 pm. Locks. 'Honey, I Dropped The Soap' TV-14-DS

1:00 pm. LegendsOfTheSpaceMan 'The Brutal Battle'. TV-14-LV

1:30 pm. ThePonyKid. 'ColorFul Horses'. TV-PG

2:00 pm. TeenagePokemon. 'Romance Battle'. TV-14-DL

2:30 pm. JustChickens. 'Leaking Toilet'. TV-PG-DLV

3:00 pm. TwoTimeTravellingIdiots 'Screw The World'. TV-14-DV

3:30 pm. TheMoriceShow. 'Yo Mama'. TV-14-DL

4:00 pm. WTFHS. 'NewYork'. TV-14-DLSV

4:30 pm. DickFigures. 'Bee Or Something'. TV-14-L

4:45 pm. WalkingGeeks. 'Celebrity Stash'. TV-14-DLSV

5:00 pm. TheWeirdFamily. 'Murderer'. TV-14-V

5:30 pm. NoWhereSpecial. 'Bar Crawl'. TV-14

6:00 pm. LegendsOfTheSpaceMan. 'The Commander'. TV-14-LV

6:30 pm. StarShip9. 'Rip Cord'. TV-14-LV

7:00 pm. YearsOfHell. 'Armored Mystery'. TV-14-LV

7:30 pm. TeamCommando. 'The New Enemy'. TV-14-LV

8:00 pm. MAD The Reserection. 'The GateWay'. TV-14-DLV

8:15 pm. YTP. 'BatMan and RooR/ Elsa Let's Her Sanity Go'. TV-14-DLV

8:30 pm. Odd 11 'The Chase'. TV-PG-L

9:00 pm. MAD The Reserection. 'Drag Along'. TV-MA-L

9:15 pm. Happy Tree Freinds. 'Lemonade'. TV-MA-V

9:30 pm. YTP. 'The Fresh Prince Of Fresh Breaking Wind' TV-MA

9:45 pm. WalkingGeeks. 'Cosplay Sex'. TV-MA-S

10:00 pm. PonyKid 'Dead Man Mario Pt.2' TV-MA

10:30 pm. Echoing. 'The Murderous Mistress'. TV-14-LSV

11:00 pm. ToTheTop. 'Leaving Home Forever'. TV-MA-L

11:30 pm. TwoTimeTravellingIdiots 'Curses'. TV-14-L

Schedule from April 27 2014 Onward

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