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Date of death 2012
Gender Male
Relatives Wario (son)
Sara (spouse)
Occupation Thief
Alignment Good
Created by Wario

Dan was the late father of Wario. Being a notorious thief, he and his wife, Sara, were executed by King Tryklo in 2012. Despite his generally minor role, Dan plays a significant role in Qualmishness, a non-canon show.


Early life

As a child, Dan was forced into child labor and was neglected a proper education due to King Tryklo's edicts and ownership of all businesses. Because of this, Dan developed resentment towards Tryklo early on and sympathized with the poor. Dan's grandfather, Roy, would visit Dan annually and give him a book, while also sneaking in food and stealing things for Dan in secret. Roy wanted Dan to have a life that wasn't exclusive to the wealthy; a life everyone should deserve. Roy was, however, executed one day when he was caught by the law enforcement. Using his prior knowledge and fairly good things to make a life for himself, Dan became a thief in an attempt to prove his grandfather to be a good man.

Meeting Sara






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