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DJ School:The Series 
MidoriEyes-on-09-11-09-at-02-55-37 l 
Genre: Musical,Comedy 
Developer: Nickelodeon Studios 
Voices: Kenan Thompson,Samuel Vincent,Dee Bradley Baker,Tara Strong
DJ School: The Series is a show based on the mini game from Rhythm Heaven of the same name.


  • DJ Blu (voiced by Samuel Vincent): The main protagonist.Blu is a nervous,yet happy-go-lucky DJ in training.
  • DJ Y3ll0w (voiced by Kenan Thompson): Blu's best friend and mentor.his catchphrase is, "Scratch-o! Hey!"
  • DJ P1nk (voiced by Tara Strong): A DJ in training,Blu's friend, and love intrest.She loves Blu even though he can't DJ.
  • DJ Gr33n (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): Blu's nerdy friend.Like Blu,he is also a DJ in training.
  • DJ Purpl3 (voiced by Tom Kenny): The main antagonist.Purpl3 is desperately in love with P1nk and will get Blu out of the way to get her love.
  • DJ Orang3 (voiced by Cree Summer): Y3ll0w's younger sister.Orang3 loves helping her brother teach Blu.
  • DJ R3d (voiced by Fred Armisen): P1nk's cool older brother.Like Y3llow is to Blu,R3d teaches his younger sister the ways of DJ-ing

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