These are DCN's minions.


i-Drones are small Is that have basic functions such as:
  • Build- They build stuff.
  • Destroy- They break stuff.
  • Attack- They form a giant robot that attacks someone.
  • Gather- They gather materials.


Silent, stealthly AK-Ninjas are DCN's favorite minions when it comes to sneakiness. 

AK-Ninjas can become invisible and are extremely strong.


WHU-Bombers are special missiles that can track enemies and blow them to bits.

They can also release mines. 


Yinfinity is a spirit (two actually) in an infinity sign and is probably stronger than DCN himself.

Yinfinity is made of three parts- Yin (the black one) Yang (the white one) and the Power Core.

The Power Core is extremely powerful and can destroy a whole galaxy if tampered with.

Yin is a male. He is very destructive and hates everyone. Yang is a female. She is a pacifist and just wants peace in the world. She hates fighting. This is why she has weather powers while Yin has the power to control natural disasters.

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