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Curses was an episode of Two Time Travelling Idiots.


Moe: The extreme (Bleep)holes, in two days!

Joe: YEA, YEA, YEA, (Bleep) YEA!


Censoron: I need to be alert of Profanity filled movies to DESTROY EARTH! I'M NOW A CRITIC, I'VE GOT MY LISCENCE! Hmmm, the extreme (Bleep)holes, lets see, OH GOD, OH DEAR GOD!!!

(Title card saying Two hours later)

Censoron: GRRR! I (Bleep)ING HATE EARTH!

Moe: One more (Bleep)ing day!

Joe: (Bleep) YEAH!!

(Censor-Ship lands)

Censoron: Mother(Bleep)ers of Earth, the extreme (Bleep)holes has given me no choice

Audience: OH (Bleep)!

Censoron: You can taste my (Bleep) now!

Man: I will not eat your crap you (Bleep)ing (Bleep)

Censoron: I'm not a Penis, you crap!

Man: you can go to Hell, and kiss satan's (Bleep)ing Gay ASS!


Man: Go (Bleep) Yourself!

Censoron: I HAVE A (Bleep)ING NUKE, YOU PIECE OF (Bleep)!

More TBA


This episode got an 8.1 from IGN, saying that it had consistant humor, but isn't the most "Original" of Season One

Comparisons have been made to the Home Movies episode of the Same Name                                                                                                

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