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what he said v


If you want honest and serious feedback, this is not good. The main issue is that the dialogue is completely incoherent, sometimes making no sense at all. The constant bombardment of references to caffeine-free Sun Drop also isn't funny. Another thing is that there is almost no continuity.

"Gorge: Ta-da!
Timmy: What is that?
Gorge: It's a time machine." Gorge is a super genius now?

"Gorge: How are we going to make four more dollars? The money's due in 8 days!" A super genius can't solve this?

"Timmy: They cost $1 a cartridge!
Curiousgorge66: Guaranteed to spray 3 liters of Coke!
Timmy: Fine. $3." Since when does Timmy control the price of Coke?

"Gorge: You've roamed the Fanonverse for way too long. You must die, Papa Squeegee." Gorge is a villain now?

"Dores is billed $200 billion dollars by the mayor of Crazville for trying to kill off Crazville's population." Genocidal criminals get sent a bill? Does the police not exist?

"Gorge: This is nonsense! Why does he have a Youtube account?
Timmy: Cyber-bullying? Hate speech?
Gorge: I'm sorry. He'll be expelled from school!" Gorge is a principal now? Better yet, why would Dores, a genocidal criminal, even attend school? Shouldn't they not be allowed? Again, do the police not exist? And why does Gorge care if Dores has a YT channel or not? To me, Gorge is sounding more like a villain himself.

I can go on and on with this but you get the point. I'm sorry but this is very ridiculous. 1/10

Son of Hat

Ok to be completely honest. This is a very terrible show. Sorry. It's just that The characters are bland and don't do anything helpful, the comedy isn't funny, and tries to think as if it is. The art is...well...lets say it isn't as colorful or creative. The main page is just cringey. And for worst, the character Dores has a inflation fetish. TBH i wouldn't want to watch this if this actually became real.


What You should work on:

  • Make the characters interesting.
  • Make better episode ideas that don't sound too cringey.
  • Better comedy and action
  • Actually put work in here. Look at pages such as The Bagel Show or Syndicate, for an example of hard work.



Basically just KM's review so uh


also bad game graphics