Airdate: Febuary 4th, 2020
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
Main: Superhappyyoshis
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Croco the Bandit is the 8th episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Croco from Super Mario RPG is a guest in the talk show. Meanwhile, Dinky airs a new episode too, but with Culex, the hardest boss in Super Mario RPG.



Twotails: We have a very epic guest today that will make you lol! -slowly scoots over to Count smiling-

Derek: -Sighs- And you're his mate...

Croco: -walks on stage as audience claps- And? I steal mushrooms, flowers, and more mushrooms.

Count: Now tell me Croco, what's so important about those gross foods?

Croco: Well, I DON'T KNOW. Plus, how do you get a stupid talk show?

Count: Try getting a stupid cast and a stupid camera. Don't get smart ones though, because that won't work.

Twotails: Yeah... -smiles and leans over to Count's snout, and Derek sighs-

Croco: But where do I get a stupid staff also? Because I want it all retarded, not smart.

Count: I'll tell you later.

Dinky: -Breaks in with Cookie-Stroller and Culex- Well, I have a Mario character FAR more powerful than Croco. Meet, MY SUPER AWESOME EPICLY EPIC HUMANOID MONSTER FINAL FANASTY-MARIO CROSSOVER POWERFULLY POWERFUL MONSTER, CULEX!!!

Culex: -shows off muscles and horns- Crocodiles... not my type. But I can give you all a chance.

Croco: Oh no, not battle mode, and not that totally messed up 1990's music. Plus, we are spirited crocs!

Culex: I don't believe you. -flicks Croco in mouth-

Croco (in mouth): Wow, it's purple in here too?

Count: We need to get some weapons quick!

Twotails: Or we can melt his strangely levitating ice. -melts ice with tails-

Count: Wow, i'm glad we have you.

-Culex melts-

Croco: -falls down on feet- Now I think that Mario was completely stupid not to do what you did... <3

Twotails: GOSH! Does EVERY guy want me?!

Dinky: NO! -waves claws looking embarrassed-

Twotails: UGH! What's next? Xcer and Genocor rising from the dead an-

Xcer and Genocor (as ghosts): WE LOOOOVE YOU! -disappears-

Count: Uhh, bye!

Skirri: WAII-

-episode ends-

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