Crimsoneyes is a figure reported to have been seen in the background of sows such as Notebook, Chrome, Randomness Everywhere, and once, the Bagel Show.

Crimsoneyes has soon become an unofficial mascot for those four shows, but not the ones listed below.


Crimsoneyes appears as two red eyes in dark areas, and in full appearances, he is a figure who is always animated in CGI, and appears like characters on the Nintendo 64, like a polygon, with crimson eyes. Sometimes he is shown with a mouth, with no visible teeth. He interacted with characters in Notebook, where he attacked Scribble, but he hit Crimsoneyes on his head with a baseball bat. Crimsoneyes had a bandage on his head in that show for five seasons.

Voice Actor

Crimsoneyes is voiced by TheChromePerson, and Crimsoneyes curses so much, that almost every line he says is bleeped out. Behind the scenes, TheChromePerson never curses when it is bleeped out, he simply says a random word in place of it, such as potato, or is silent.

Other Shows

  • Astro-Nutz (in the reflection of that astronaut guy's helmet)
  • The Book of John (behind Mimic the Impressionist)
  • Robloxian (out the window of the Pizza Place)


  • Crimsoneyes is similar to Bloody GIR.

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