Creepy Slimy Halloween is the 15th and halloween episode in The Plum Blob. Its Halloween and Alton is holding up a halloween party but Tink and Fling wasn't invited so they have to dress up as a ghost to sneak into the party while doing it P.C Blobby picks up dead people in the can during midnight and turns people in zombies.

The Script

(At Alton's House)

Alton: bone chilling, waking the dead and screaming and laughing tell you die.

(Alton Laughs)

Jess: I'm so getting ready for this year's halloween and now going for that blob of yours.

Alton: That Plum blob. well I don't it is coming. I don't know why telling what they can do.

(At Blob Town Police Station)

P.C Blobby: Spooky! Very Scary and so its Halloween

More coming soon.

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