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Crazy Safari 
Genre: Humorific comedy animated series 
Creator: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Director: Brian Sheeshley 
Starring: Nika Futterman
Tom Kenny
Kevin Michael Richardson
Richard Horvitz
Dee Bradley Baker 
Voices: Nika Futterman as Heiko the Panda
Tom Kenny as Nerman the Wolffe, additional voices
Kevin Michael Richardson as Philly the "Whino" Rhino
Richard Horvitz as The Cam-O-Leon
Dee Bradley Baker as Spot, additional voices 
Theme composer: Bowling for Soup 
Opening theme: "Downtown Pest Town" 
End theme: "Downtown Pest Town" Instrumental 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 26 per season 
List of episodes: List of Crazy Safari episodes 
Executive producer: Fred Seibert 
Producer: Scott Fellows 
Asst. producer: Butch Hartman 
Editor: Guy Moon
Butch Hartman 
Runtime: 11 minutes per episode 
Picture format: Gary Conrad 
Audio format: Justin Cook 
First aired: August 6, 2005 
Last aired: March 6, 2010 
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Crazy Safari was an animated series that ran from August 6, 2005 to March 6, 2010 with Skipper and Make Room for Us!. The series ended on March 5, 2010, and currently reruns on Nicktoons, and will premiere on NickTV in September 2011.


  • Heiko the Panda - Born from China and left to the United States, he made lots of friends and discovered many useful things that we use.
  • Nerman the Wolffe - Nerman might be a big, fat wolf, but he still hangs out with Heiko and Philly and mostly ruins The Cam-O-Leon's plans.
  • Philly the "Whino" Rhino - Wanna know why Philly's middle name is Whino? He doesn't like to say it, but he whines alot.
  • The Cam-O-Leon - He's an evil neighbor, he's an evil mastermind, he should be called "The Mastermind", but his plans backfire.
  • Spot the Dog - Spot is Heiko's pet dalamatian, nothing special, but is always not bitten by a mean bulldog.