Crazy Cat: The FlipSide
Publisher Bongo Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Comic book
Genre Comedy
Number of issues #2 (Silly Times)
#3 (Legend of the Werepourcupine
Ongoing (regular edition)
Writer(s) John A. Davis
Creator(s) The Heberts and John A. Davis
Crazy Cat: The FlipSide is a monthly comic series based off Crazy Cat. The first issue was released on Veteran's Day 2012.

Release 1

Issue # Title Author(s) Publication date

The Crazy-Ness Begins (a.k.a Silly Times Part 1) 

John A. Davis Veteran's Day 2012
Paul decides to lower the cost of imports from Germany. Later on, a bird named Lola studies Crazy Cat's activites.----

But then, Maurecia's pet Fluffy grows wings and flies around shouting "GRAVITY!".

We then cut to a page reading: "TO BE CONTINUED"

Release 2

Issue # Title Author(s) Publication date

More Time in Paul-land (a.k.a Silly Times Part 2) 

John A. Davis 5/4/2012

Maurecia decides to find a cure for Fluffy. Meanwhile, Lola purchases a import at the Island Inventory.

The next day, Crazy Cat decides to go outside and take a walk around the block.

Release 3

Issue # Title Author(s) Publication date

Legend of the Werepourcupine, Part 1

John A. Davis 5/8/2012
Maurecia gets bitten by a drunk Fluffy and she becomes a werepourcupine. Now Crazy Cat need to find a cure.----

Meanwhile, Paul introduces Lola to the wildlife of Paul-land.

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