Season 1, Episode 0
Air date Un-aired
Written by Mr. Numbskull
Directed by John A. Davis
Episode Guide
Lucy's Big Party
The pilot to a nonsense show.


(title card)

Narrator: Welcome to Paul-land. A island in the middle of the Red Sea and the home of restored wig wag signals, trains, random-ness, and more.

(we see a purple creature with two tails looking like DNA and wearing a white lab coat with a purple bowtie on it, somewhat resembling a cat, with his back turned to us. He then turns his head to look at us, and jumps to face us while holding his arms out.)

Narrator: This is Crazy Cat!

(cut to Crazy Cat's house)

(zoom in)

Crazy Cat: Ah. What a beautiful Saturday morning! Time to play Angry Pizzas! (Holds up an iPad Mini cut-out from a magazine that has the words "Angry Pizzas" in the Angry Birds font and several pizza slices are flying all over the iPad Mini's screen. The asdfmovie theme song is heard playing)

Narrator: And of course... the natives.

(We cut to a tropical background complete with a beach, a sunset, and two plam trees twisting behind a bush, that look like DNA. A three-eyed monkey jumps up from behind the trees with his back turned to us. Then he turns around to wave at us and says the following)

Paul: Hi, I'm Paul!

Narrator: That's Paul. The owner of Paul's Island Inventory and the mayor of this crazy island.

(cut to a girl who is wearing a blue pleated skirt and a long-sleeved dark pink top, a hot-pink helmet with light blue flames outlined, paired with white and pink roller blades with white straps, white wheels and a blue stripe with white outlines down the front of each, she turns around)

Narrator: That's Maurecia!

Maurecia: Shut the heck up! *smashes camera, making it cut to static and a "Please Stand By" screen*

(cut to a pineapple-colored porcupine with very sharp quills)

Narrator: Her pet, Fluffy.

(cut to a Friendly Floatees green frog from the 90's)

Narrator: Dee FROOOOOG! The captain of the S.S Banana, a very old ship from the 1700's! It used to be a slave ship.

(cut to a cheaply animated baby bumblebee)

Narrator: Lucy the Baby Bumblebee...

(cut to a crowd of Mr. Potato Heads moving around)

Narrator: And the rest..........



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