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Crazy Cat 
Genre: Cartoon series

Off-color humor


Creator: Johnathan Bologna

John A. Davis 

Director: John Kricfalusi 
Developer: Bob Camp 
Voices: Alex Blackwell

Frank Welker 

Theme composer: LilDeuceDeuce, sometimes it's just the staff playing random instruments going wild 
Opening theme: "asdfmovie6 theme song" by LilDeuceDeuce 
End theme: "J.C. Cohen" by Allen Sherman 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: TBA 
List of episodes: 57 (68 half-hour shorts) 
Executive producer: John Kricfalusi 
Producer: José Pou 
Asst. producer: Nick Cross 
Production Company: Nelvana
MTV Production Development 
Editor: Sam Register 
Camera: Stephen W. Worth 
Runtime: 34 minutes 
Picture format: NTSC 
Audio format: Stereophonic 
First run: 2012 
First aired: 2012 
Last aired: present
Crazy Cat is, well, a crazy show. It is animated using the same animation from the 1994-2000 DNA Productions logo, CGI, cut-out's, stop motion, Microsoft Paint, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, and Cel Animation, all mixed up into a jumbled mess of animation.


Crazy Cat - A two tailed cat with one pink colored tail, and a purple tail. He is reported by Paul the Three-Eyed Monkey to be "The Purple Cat Scientist". Voiced by professional monster truck driver Alex Blackwell.

Paul, the Three-Eyed Monkey - Crazy Cat's best friend. He worked for DNA Productions from 2000-2006. He drives a heavily modified Peterbilt 375 made to look like an Rebuilt EMD SD40-2R called the "Paulmobile". Voiced by Frank Welker using a impression of the voice Paul had in the 2000-2006 DNA Productions logo. Unlike his friend Crazy Cat, he is animated the same way he was in the 2000-2006 DNA Productions logo.

Lucy the Baby Bumblebee - A baby bumblebee who annoys Paul. Voiced by Tara Strong. She is animated using MS Paint and Photoshop.

Dee FROOOOOG! - A Friendly Floatees green frog from the 90's who is the captain of the S.S Banana. Voiced by Frank Welker using a impression of Don Adams. He is animated using cut-outs of a photo of said one.

Maurecia - Maurecia's an extremely, uh, physical person, which means she's more likely to punch you in the shoulder rather than simply say, "hi." If she really likes you, she may try to beat you up. But don't take it personally. She's not being mean - that's just how she expresses herself best. Voiced by Denise Oliver. Before she appeared in Crazy Cat, she appeared in the 2000's Nick show Wayside. She is animated using digital animation.

Fluffy - Maurecia's pet porcupine. He used to be pink, soft, and harmless, but he changed after Maurecia did. Voiced by Grey DeLeslie. Like his owner, he is animated using digital animation.

O - A giant, gelatinous purple "O" who talks in a low-pitched voice. Voiced by John "Sir Dipstick" Evans.

Yellow O - O's son which is yellow and talks in a high-pitched voice. Voiced by Sir Disptick's daughter Maggie Evans.

Sam the Yellow Lab - A talking yellow lab who hosts several shows on the local public access station that do not make sense. Animated using cut-outs of a yellow lab. Voiced by Sir Disptick.

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