CopKittens is an adult-animated action comedy series. It is to premiere on Krazy'z Channel of Krazinezz in August 2015. CopKittens is created and written by Omgitskittykatty and DerpyPanda24.


The plot of the series is about two kittens who got hired as cops go around arresting people that don't do anything bad. The two kittens are Mittens, a white kitty slacker who hates postmen and Grouchy, a brown cat who is very bossy to Mittens, always saying "GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS  AND GET IT DOWN HERE, MITTENS!"


Mittens: A 20-year old alcoholic kitten who hates postmen and enjoys killing them. Some of his hobbies include eating, sleeping, and watching soap operas.

Grouchy: A 20-year old Siamese cat. He is very bossy and enjoys making the local deli owner miserable.


Season 1:

  1. You Hired Those Two!?/Pineapple Thief: Mittens and Grouchy get hired, only to get fired when they kill someone so they try to get their jobs back. / A thief steals a pineapple for his starving family and the CopKittens try to kill him. (Airdate: 17/08/2015)
  1. Pretty Pom-Poms/TBA: Mittens and Grouchy go on an undercover mission and have to disguise themselves as cheerleaders. / TBA. (Airdate: 24/08/2015)

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