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Useable Stuff


Spongebob Squarepants

  • Thinking Spongebob
  • Happy Spongebob
  • Scared Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Patrick Drooling
  • Patrick with a Karate Chop hand

The Adventures Of Kirby & Yoshi

  • Normal Kirby
  • Mic Kirby
  • Party Rock Kirby
  • Yoshi Sitting
  • Yoshi wering a top hat
  • Street Fighter Yoshi
  • Coach
  • Mr. Koopa

Puffy AmiYumi

  • Ami Smiling
  • Ami Singing
  • Ami Playing The Guitar
  • Yumi Playing The Guitair
  • Yumi in her fighting pose
  • Yumi crossing here arms

HTF On Nick

  • Cuddles Standing
  • Cuddles Running
  • Cuddles Doing A Barrel Roll
  • Toothy doing his brain stunt
  • Toothy Sitting
  • Toothy as a pirate

More Stuff To Come......

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