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Collector: Legacy is a six part mini-series that concludes the immortal, Collector, as he battles the recently corrupted world order in a conflict that may be his last.




Name Information
Collector Collector is the protagonist. He is the last living member of Syndicate. He is also one of the few immortals that still walk the earth. He feels depression and loneliness more often now that most of his Elysium friends and Gewissen are now dead. But he becomes motivated to save the world one last time as he starts to see the world deteriorate around him.
Leonardo Robertson Leonardo Robertson is the main antagonist. He is the forty year-old ruler of Earth under the World Order. In 3997 him and a mob of humans overthrew his immortal rulers in a rebellion and one of his main goals is to make the immortal race extinct.
Andrew Thompson Andrew Thompson is a minor antagonist. He is a descendant of Collector's uncle that knows him very well. He is rich like most in his family tree and owns a few private islands in which his immortal relative found refuge in. Though Andrew can be very compliant to the government, which can lead to the betrayal of many loved ones, even his own family.

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