Part 1

(Collector gets up from bed and gets a bowl of Mini-Wheats. He then sits on the couch and turns on the TV which is on the News Channel.)

Reporter: Today marks the anniversary of the Cold War!!! Which was fought through 1947 to 1991.

Collector: So today's the anniversary of the Cold War.... why don't I rembe- 0_0 Wait, this was the time when Castro was at large!

(Flashback begins. It is April 14th, 1961. Collector is working at a clothing shop and a man walks in the door.)

Collector: Can I help you, sir?

Man: Are you the one who is called "Collector"?

Collector: Yes? Why do you ask that?

(Man flips open a CIA ID and quickly puts it away under his pocket. Collector now has a serious tone.)

Collector: Am I needed some where?

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