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Coin-Dude is a nicktoon that airs on Nickelodeon, Nicktooons, NickTV, Nick5, & More.


  • Coin-Dude: A yellow coin creature who has a ten cents mark on him.
  • Marshmellow: Coin-Dude's best friend.
  • Stupid Burgler: A dumb bugler who dosen't steal anything.
  • The One: A genric stick figure who is the defender.
  • Mia: A pink coin who is Coin-Dude's epic crush.
  • Green Dog: A dog, obivously.
  • Golfball: A golfball who is Coni-Dude's roomate.
  • Token-Pal: A blue coin creature who just likes to hang around Coin-Dude's house.
  • Dr. Spendy: An evil millionaire who is hunting down Coin-Dude.
  • Doin-Cude: A villain who is a reversed verison of Coin-Dude.


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