ClassicToons is a 90's revival channel of classic nicktoons like Doug and The Angry Beavers. Classictoons is set to be launched December 21st 2013. ClassicToons will also become a livestream channel in 2014. The channel features classic nicktoons, bumpers, and music videos with songs from nicktoons in them. ClassicToons will be on 24/7//365. The channel will launch with a huge party hosted by Dagget from The Angry Beavers.




Doug (2013-Present)

Rugrats (2013-Present)

Hey Arnold! (2013-Present)

The Ren and Stimpy Show (2013-Present)

Ahh! Real Monsters (2013-Present)

CatDog (2013-Present)

Kablam! (2013-Present)

Rocket Power (2013-Present)

Rocko's Modern Life (2013-Present)

The Angry Beavers (2013-Present)

Current Blocks


Nick In The Afternoon


December 21, 2013 (Channel Launched at 1:00PM central time that day)

1:00 Rugrats (Little Dude/At The Movies)

1:30 The Angry Beavers (Up All Night/Born To Be Beavers)

2:00 Doug (Doug Bags A Neematoad)

2:30 Hey Arnold! (Downtown As Fruits/Mugged)

3:00 Ren And Stimpy (Fire Dogs/Stimpys Big Day)

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